Good Matched Amps Preamps for Proac D28

Hi Guyz,
I've recently just got the Proac D28 and i'm looking for a good system including Amps, Preamp, and Cd player to match my Proac D28. My budget is less than $10K (for used equipments). Please let me know. Any consulting is appreciated.
Have heard these sing with Naim 250, 202 preamp and CDX cd
My dealer has a setup using the D38's and a Primare i30 integrated amplifier and the Primare CD 31 with Shunyata interconnects and Proac Speaker cables that sounds great. I could easily live with the system. The Proac's and Primare work very well together and the amp, CD and cables will be less than $7K.
Thanks guys,
I'm more into Tube stuff. Any suggestions besides Mcintosh series. I know they are good, but i'd like to try something else different. It's just like once you drive BMW, you also want to try Audi or MB...hehe...
Check out Manley Labs. My local dealer keeps a pair of D38s paired with the Neo Classic mono blocks and it sounds stunning (about $9,000/pair new). For half the price of those, the Snappers sound almost as good - a better bargain in my mind ($4,200/pair new). That would leave you a nice ceiling for a sweet pre-amp and decent CD. I've also heard them sound exceptional with Audio Research amps, but you're looking at about 15-25% higher cost there - possibly blowing your budget.

Good luck!
For amps and preamps call Joe Fratus from Art Audio.
He can probably help you.He has good musical amps and preamps.Thanks Bon
thanks guyz!