Good match with Triangle Antal XS??

Hello all. I recently purchased a pair of Triangle Antal XS speakers. I do love them; they are fast, accurate, and tight. I'm now looking to upgrade my CD player. My amp is a budget NAD C 340. I was looking to spend up to $500 on a plain redbook player. I've noticed that these speakers are particularly bright, so I was hoping to tame that with the right gear. I was considering a tube CD player, but if I can get a solid state player at the right price that sounds better overall, that's ok; I've heard that these speakers play real well with tube amps, so I can live with the brighter sound for a while until I can upgrade to a tube amp. I'm probably not using the best cables for taming a bright sound--a pair of QED silver aniversary bi-wire speaker cables and Accoustic Research Master Series Silver interconnects. I know that silver gives you more detail but can cause a bright sound. That coupled with bright speakers can sometimes be a bit too much. Does anyone have any recommendations on the cables too?

I was debating whether to upgrade the amp or the cd player first, but it seems like upgrading the cd player first will give me the biggest boost in performance, considering I'm using a cheap $120 Phillips cd player I bought 7 years ago.

Thanks in advance for the input.
My Antal 202 sounded a bit bright at first. Uppgraded interconnects, got better. Inserted a Monarchy upsampler into the digital chain, brightness almost disapeared.. but some disks remained too edgy. Now I have a Samsung universal player modified by EVS audio. More transparency than ever, but the brightness is completely gone. So yes, the source does matter a lot, and should be your priority. But the right amp can also make a revolution.
Good luck.
Thanks Arni. I'm wondering, what interconnects are you using?
Sorry, never checked back on this thread...
if this is still relevant, I'm now using Aural Thrills Active Gold from source to pre, and Signal Cable Silver Resolution from pre to power amp.