Good match for Spendor S3/5s?

I'm trying to get the more from my Spendors S3/5. I don't think my Quad 44 preamp and 405-2 amp (100 wpc) drive them well enough. I'm considering to buy a Bryston 3B-SST amp, which is available here and barely keeps into the limits of my budget. I hear mostly classical music.
Any suggestions?
Anyone there has managed to get the best from a pair of S3/5s? Can you share your experience, please?
Many thanks in advance.
Currently, I am using a Bryston 3B-ST to drive Spendor 2/2 speakers. Plently of clean power and tight bass response. Mid-range is clear and natural, nice imaging. Highs are very smooth. I also use a Conrad-Johnson MV-50 tubed amp with a PV-5 pre amp when I play vinyl. This may the best system for a very musical presentation with the Spendors.
make it big and make it solid state....bryston is perfect...and macs drive them beautifully too.
The problem of course is the 84dB/w low efficiency of the 3/5 (now called the S3), Spendor makes a DOUBLE-woofer version of it marketed as a center channel speaker called the SC3. It goes lower, and plays LOTS louder due to its much higher 88-89dB/w efficiency. Just buy a pair and turn 'em sideways to make a taller 3/5. OR get the similar vented 6.5" 2-way called the S3/1p, also at 89dB/w. You can easily resell the 3/5 for $600-ish. There's only so much you can push out of one 5" midwoofer, and throwing more than 100 watts at it gets to its compression limit, so you'll probably NOT be satisfied until you get more driver radiating area. Try a pair of the SC3 for best spectral match to the 3/5. You'll then NOT have to change your amp. Cheers.
I agree...Bryston is known for providing excellent bass performance...which is why I gather my dealer has them with Spendors and Maggies...both great speakers which sounded a bit bass shy with other brands...good luck...
I also agree with Subaruguru...even in a small room...the 3/5 is pushing the laws of physics...I would probably opt for the 3/1p...which is my favorite SPendor product...that would be a nice cause more confusion...I was considering Spendor...but went with the Quad 12L...the bigger version of the acclaimed 11L...and I can tell you this...those would absolutely sing on your current Quad electronics....considerably more bass...and an easier load...not to mention legendary Quad transparency and detail...not as forgiving as Spendors...but very open...and more dynamic...good luck....