Good match for Sansui G-5700?


I currently have a Sansui G-5700 (75 watt/ch) running an old pair of Kenwood passive radiator speakers that were hand-me-downs, and am finally looking to make an upgrade. My intention was to look for speakers in the 500-1000 range but it has become almost overwhelming as many of you will know.

I got interested in Magnepan MMG's, but I am not too sure I want to deal with the finicky placement. I have looked at paradigms, but am not entirely sure where to start there (Monitor, Studio series). One speaker that intriqued me is the Monitor Audio SR60, but I don't know how it will mesh with the Sansui. I can go either way with floorstanders and monitors, as I have a sub to connect if necessary.

So, any recommendations for a medium room and Sansui G-5700?
How about some Klipsch high efficiency speakers? They are 100db efficient and can be driven with that receiver.