Good match for Rega Brio-R

Does anyone have any recommendations on excellent sounding speakers to use with the Rega Brio amp? I'm thinking my options are either 1: Cheap out and trade my current entry level bookshelves for the new Kef q350's, or 2: Look into getting a good British made speaker to accompany my growing setup which now includes three Rega items (Brio, Phono, and P3) 

I know I really like everything I've heard from ProAc, Chartwell, Spendor, Rogers, etc, ect, but price points being up in the 2-3k's often makes them a bit unrealistic for my budget. I could probably do $1500 max without causing any inconvenience to my wallet, but if I spend that kind of money I want them to be GOOD. 

So, anybody have any input? 

PS, I'm not against an all Rega setup, the Rega speakers I have heard were awesome, but compared to the likes of Spendor they lose weight in my opinion. 
What about Rega speakers to go with the Rega integrated? I have the RS3 small floorstanders and I really like them. Many other speakers have come and gone but I have held onto them.
I heard the Brio-R driving GoldenEar Aeons and GoldenEar Triton 7s (floor standers, $1400). Both sounded excellent but I thought the 7s were special at that price point. I don't know what kind of music you listen to but I personally like as close to full range as I can get. Which is why I would audition he Triton 7s and probably the Vandies.