Good match for Rega Brio-R

Does anyone have any recommendations on excellent sounding speakers to use with the Rega Brio amp? I'm thinking my options are either 1: Cheap out and trade my current entry level bookshelves for the new Kef q350's, or 2: Look into getting a good British made speaker to accompany my growing setup which now includes three Rega items (Brio, Phono, and P3) 

I know I really like everything I've heard from ProAc, Chartwell, Spendor, Rogers, etc, ect, but price points being up in the 2-3k's often makes them a bit unrealistic for my budget. I could probably do $1500 max without causing any inconvenience to my wallet, but if I spend that kind of money I want them to be GOOD. 

So, anybody have any input? 

PS, I'm not against an all Rega setup, the Rega speakers I have heard were awesome, but compared to the likes of Spendor they lose weight in my opinion. 
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A used pair of Harbeth P3ESRs can be had for $1700.  A book shelf that is tough to beat for the money.
 We have run the Rega Brio/Vandersteen 1CI successfully paired together at Audio Connection for years.
An easy 90 DB efficiency 6 ohm provides a safe easy load .
In my opinion its advantage is a more open sounding experience with a dimensional feel.
When compared to mentioned box speakers above i think you'll find its tonal and imaging abilities well beyond exceptions.
The 1CI features a unique multi enclosure that many more sophisticated designs use yet at working mans pricing. Their phase and time correct drivers, that get the whole timing of the music when compared to other conventional wisdom box speakers.
The 38HZ bass extension just makes music more full and natural.
This speaker also comes with a well written easy to understand  owners manual guiding you to the genuine performance of what you deserve.
 Here is a review.
Vandersteen dealer
IMO, your going about it the wrong way.  Usually one get the speakers first, as they are the only component you can actually hear, and then one finds a suitable amplifier to properly drive them.

But it seems you already have the Brio and are locked into it.  So I suggest you understand it's output capabilities and then find speakers that have the proper specs (impedance & sensitive) that the Brio can meet without breaking a sweat.  And by all means, audition the speakers to find the pair that sounds best to you, your amp can properly drive and are within your budget.

The Rega is not a powerhouse at 73 wpc in 4 ohms and there is even a warning on their website to be careful driving 4 ohm loads.  I would take this to heart and stick with 8 ohm speakers within sensitivity ratings at 90dB and above and you research and develop your short list.  Your Brio will be much happier.

The Golden Ear Aon 3 sounds good and works well with the Brio for $1,000 if you are looking for a stand mount speaker
I 2nd the harbeth's mentioned by miner,very good warm British sound and probably a good value used.

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I have the Rega Brio R in my second system, which is also the system that gets played the most.

I went a different path with single driver speakers, the Omega Super 7 Monitor MK2.  I find the sound from single driver speakers very seductive.  Vocals have an in the room presence.  Because they are a 7 inch driver, they play loud and with finesse.  Running out of steam is not an issue.   An omni version of this speaker is possible, as well.    

The set-up includes an Emotiva ERC-2 cd player, Stanton ST 150 turntable, Sumiko Pearl cartridge, Audience Ohno speaker cables, AudioQuest Black Mamba II interconnects.

I would look for a used pair of Reference 3a De Capos .  I see an i version listed with factory stands in your range.  I've listened to them before the i or Be versions and thought they were very coherent sounding speakers with good bass for a 2 way stand speaker. Also easy to drive. 
Thanks for the suggestions everyone. 
What about Rega speakers to go with the Rega integrated? I have the RS3 small floorstanders and I really like them. Many other speakers have come and gone but I have held onto them.
I heard the Brio-R driving GoldenEar Aeons and GoldenEar Triton 7s (floor standers, $1400). Both sounded excellent but I thought the 7s were special at that price point. I don't know what kind of music you listen to but I personally like as close to full range as I can get. Which is why I would audition he Triton 7s and probably the Vandies.