Good match for PassLabs Pre X2.5

Hi all,

Besides, Passlabs own power amps, what power amps from other makeers would be a good match to Pass X2.5 pre?

Many Thanks!

Try a Rowland Model 2. The Pass X2.5 has a high gain in balanced mode, the Rowland has hi/lo adjustable gain, allowing you to listen at very low levels, at night.
This is important to some listeners, like me.
I used an X2.5 with Bel Canto's Evo power amp with good results. It sounded best in balanced mode, but has extra gain. My main complaint with the X2.5 was that the volume steps at 3 dB each were just too much. It was either too soft or too loud.

I listen at lower volumes in the evening and getting the exact setting I wanted was very difficult. I had no complaints about the sound.
Thanks for the suggestion

I read the X2.5 manual, it has two ways of adjusting the volume, it is the Mode Buttons and the other one is the traditional volume knob. Do you mean both volume steps are set at 3db?

or could the too soft or loud problem related with the impedance matching of the X2.5 to Evo?

Thank you.

The X2.5 has two gain settings, but the steps between each setting are 3 dB for both gain options. It sounded better to me with the low gain option.

I replaced it with a Placette Active that has 127 steps. Not only did the Placette sound significantly better in my system, but the small steps (about .7 dB) allows perfect volume control.

Thanks for the pointer. Now I'm unsure about the X2.5 as my listening session is mostly in the night when family are asleep, so the exact control of volume is important to me..