Good match for Eminent Technology ET2 tonearm?

I am considering the ET2 arm. Can anyone make suggestions about table and cartridge synergy? I am using the Monolithic PS2 phono preamp fed to a Rogue Magnum 99. The power amps are Rogue M150's and speakers are Vandersteen 2CE Signatures. Any comments are welcome. Thanks in advance.

Just be sure the table is very solid and no lightweight. The VPIs (HW 19 III and IV) used to work well when ET2s were more prevalent. Good luck. I had two of these arms -- one was delightful and one was a nightmare because both the Wisa pump and Airtech surge tank went bad and I didn't realize it. Dave
If you can find an Immedia RPM I or II,it should work well.I used an Air-tangent on mine.Solid ,with no suspension.
As Dopogue says, the VPT HW-19 III and IV worked well with the ET2 tonearm. Cartridges with medium to higher compliance, such as the various Grado cartridges (e.g., Sonata or Reference) are a good match.
If you've done some searching on the ETII tonearm you will probably see a lot of threads started by myself.
I've had the arm for about 9 years and seem to learn more about it all the time.
I have now heard A LOT of arm/table combo's and I can say that although I have a pretty low end cartridge, the arm and table is outstanding in every sense, a true bargain in high end audio.
I purchased a VPI TNTjr which makes an excellent foundation for the ETII. I also purchased the TNT6 platter at the same time. It's basically a 6 without the SDS, platter ring, suspension, and dual motor. All of which are upgragdeable but offer small increments in sound quality compared to using the TnT jr vrs. HW19jr. VPI will predrill an armboard for the TNT.
As far as cartridge, I am still searchng. I use an older Benz Gold, but would like to see a Sumiko Celebration or Dynavector on the end of the ET.
Good luck!
I have an ET2 tonearm on a Teres 255 with a Shelter 901 and it sounds great. There are quite a few people that have this combo and it seems to be a great match.