Good Match for B&W 802's and Pass Labs X650

I have the B&W 802's and the Pass Labs X650 mono blocks. I am using a Krell KPSi20 for my digital source and the Krell KRC-HR for my preamp. Just wondering if there are any opinions out there about what speaker cable to use. I have Red Dawn Balanced interconnets connected now. Thanks.
Krell + Pass? kripes!!! How can you stand it??? If you feel a need to improve a wounded playback with cables, that is a clear sign your principle electronic units are not in order. Granted, the B&W 802 is not the last word in transparency, but surely you hear the Krell angst bleeding through your superb Pass to the speakers, don't you?

You obviously have the money to buy audio Nirvana. Why don't you get some neat speaker all rounders like Piegas, Soundlabs, or ESLs. Swap out the Krells for a Pass preamp. Any of them will do a lot better. Your front end... Hmmmm... Any number of options will do better than the Krell; like Wadia, Musical Fidelity, Granite, or even Jolida.

When you get that all straight, then you will be ready to discuss cables. We just went through a hairy discussion over outrageously expensive cables injected into a limping system.
Are they Nautilus 802's? Or Matrix 802's?
Muralman1, I do plan on getting a Pass pre-amp to replace the HR, just bought the X600 because it was a good 2nd hand deal that could not be passed up. The plan is for now to keep the Krell KPSi20 as the digital source, get the Pass pre-amp, and keep the 802's because my wife likes the way they look, I do to. Will most likely replace the KPSi20 and go with something that will match with the Pass stuff.
I hear you Gracebarker, sorry about the hoof in mouth. I don't know how I stay married. Like you, I bought an X 600 partly because it was a deal I couldn't refuse. It was a practical buy to, as I need the monsters to drive the infamous 1 ohm Apogee Scintilla.