Good match for Anthem AVM 30

I am making my first leap into separates and could use a little advice. I found a good deal on an Anthem AVM 30 and am looking for a good 5 channel match (prefer a good used piece from an Agoner). The obvious choice would be an Anthem A5, but I am also interested in the Parasound A51, the Rotel 1095, and possibly an ATI amp. It seems like the Rotel and ATI would offer the best bang for the buck, but I am sure some would say that I would be better off getting the Parasound or Anthem. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. My setup (might help things) is as follows: the Anthem AVM 30, Polk LS 90 towers (early 90's product), Polk CS 350, and Polk M3 Monitors. No sub at this time but I believe I am going to pull the trigger on a SVS sub (PB 12-Plus) or a REL R305 or R505 (any opinions on subs would help as well). Video is Sony SRXD 55" DLP and Sharp Aquos BD HP20 (blueray). Straight plug n play (HDMI) from blueray to monitor. No HDMI upgrade work on the AVM 30 yet. The room is 20x22x8, two doors and no open air spaces. Again, any helpful advice would be greatly appreciated.

I like Bryston. All your suggestions are good options - are you planning to use all XLR - in which case you should get a power amp that has XLR inputs.
I have a Bryston 9bsst with my Anthem 30. I love the sound! However, after saying that, I would buy the A5 or even better the p5 for the money.
Appreciate the recommendation. I have been considering the A5. I would love to get a Bryston, it's just a little out of my range at this time. Thanks for the help.

A5 is a great match. Go on over to AVSFORUM.COM and follow some of the Anthem threads. Anthem is upgrading older models and the Anthem 30 is included in some of these.
I appreciate every little bit of advice from all who have a little more experience in the separates arena. I just want to make the right decision in regards to the combo I get (pre/pro and amp). I am sure I will hear a huge difference between any separates set-up and my receiver. Of course, I would like to have the biggest, best, and newest toys possible, but I also do not want to be sleeping on the couch for a month either. Trying to stay within reason is tough. What I am most curious about is will I truly be able to hear a huge difference between this amp and this amp. Will the largest improvement be moving simply to separates as long as I get an average to above average amp to work with the AVM 30. In all honesty, to a newbie, will there be a large audible and quality difference between let's say Anthem, Parasound, ATI, Bryston, or Rotel combined with the AVM 30. I am not trivializing purchasing higher priced and better quality products for those who have been doing this for a long period of time, I will probably be like everyone else and get bit by the upgraditis bug after I get a taste of what's out there. I appreciate everyone's patience with a newbie who is excited and enjoying this new hobby (just gaining new information and the pursuit is enjoyable to me). Thanks.

Many people will claim there is a big difference. I say, not really. Sure Ive heard some that give me greater pleasure to listen to, but they are all good choices mentioned here. Id get the A5. Anthem is very solid. You can get a Bryston st for about the same price used if you can live with the 150 x 5 power rating. I know I personally dont need a million watts like some do.

Ive owned some seriously high dollar gear, such as a all Ayre acoustics system with all class components. The Anthem is easily as good as they were, and more fun and flexible as well! Sure, the Ayre was smoother and warmer, then anthem brighter and upfront. One is not better then the other, just different. Rotel is nice, I had a 1095, 1068 setup once also. It was real good for the money, but all in all I would just buy a Denon. The 1068 had some popping issues for me when I changed inputs, or the DAC's changed modes. The sound was very bright, and slightly harsh sounding to me,but still was enjoyable.

The Anthem was a strong choice you made, Id stay with Anthem products. They are top rate!
Thanks, Sthomas. I appreciate the input.

When I purchase my amp, how much difference will I hear (if any) between balanced and unbalanced interconnects? Would it be a significant difference to be concerned with purchasing balanced interconnects right up front or would traditional RCA innerconnects suffice?


I dont think you will hear any difference so to speak. I think its what you wont hear on longer runs, noise. That being said, I use balanced connections on everything just because they are there, so why not use them. Specially when I find I prefer a top Canare/nuetrik combo over anything else Ive ever heard. It doesnt seam to play with the signal, adding or subtracting a certain tone.