Good match for Adcom 555?

Hi all.

I'm putting a second system together of all old components that I've heard in the past and been impressed with. So far, I've got a Heybrook TT2 turntable and an Adcom 555 amp. Question is what speakers would be a good match with the amp. Doesn't matter if they're floor standing or stand mounts, they just have to be relatively cheap--say, 400-800 a pair. Used is fine, as you might guess....

Oh, preamp will probably be either a CJ PV9 or PV10.

Thoughts appreciated.

To concoct a cohesive couple, I recommend forgiving speakers that are rated under 90db. The 555 tends to be a straight forward, in your face amplifier. I’ve owned the 555 and the 555II. The 555 sounded nice with a pair of Magnepan SMGa's I owned. You also might look on the used market for KEF, Vandersteen or Rogers.
I will second the Vandersteens. I ran The 555MkII with a Conrad Johnson PV-7 pre amp and Vandy 2Ce. Very good sound and synergy for the bucks.--Ken
I'd say just stay away from metal tweeters, that amp is definitely better on soft domes, like Montanas.
Thiels won't work either....
I've tried.
For some reason that I can't fully understand I would try to get some Spendors. Heard some recently at the Montreal show (I can't tell you which model, unfortunately) and was greatly impressed. Maybe the fact that the sound reminded me of vintage speakers (well not ancient, but not the more current threadbare, "great imaging" sound, let’s say) has something to do with that. I am sure some older Spendors can be gotten for a very reasonable amount.
I have a very nice pair of Spica TC-60's in Oak that you can have for $400 plus shipping. They are in very good shape and I am the original owner. Imaging champs that work well with solid state amps like the Adcom. Let me know if you are interested.

Thanks all--

I'll keep my eyes open for Vandies....I've heard that combo work very well. Also for Spendors--I had a "Of course!" moment when I read that.