Good Match? Audio research LS22 Preamp, with B&K Reference 2220 power amp

Hi guys,
I currently have a B&K Reference 2220 amp, and I'm looking to upgrade my preamp. Thinking I want to move to Tubes, And am looking at an Audio Research LS22 preamp. I'm trying to determine if these will be a good match (spec wise). Input impedance of the B&K is 33.2K Ohms, and Output impedance of the LS22 is 200 ohms (unbalanced) which I know is good. I get confused when the LS22 specs state "20k ohms minimum load and 200pF maximum capacitance". My noobie brain doesn't understand that. Links to full specs below. Can anyone help me confirm if these would be a good match. Other equipment: PSB Stratus Gold speakers (POWER HUNGRY), and Technics SL-1600 turntable.

Specifications - B&K Reference 2220 Owner's Manual [Page 14] | ManualsLib

Audio-Research-LS22-Owners-Manual.pdf (

Thanks in advance!

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I like that the LS22 has a phono input.
I'm pretty sure you're mistaken and that the LS-22 is a line stage only.
AHH! after reading the manual, the LS22 has a phono input, but that's for a phono preamp. You are correct, no phono stage.  Thanks!
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