Good marrige, DENON 3803 and KEF Q1

Hey folks

Just sold 2,500 worth of DefTech speakers so i could upgrade my reciever.

I got a brand-spanking-new Denon 3803 7.1 AV Reciever. and a pair of KEF Q1 speakers.

Out of the box, holy crap, this is an awesome marrige of technologys. These speakers preform beautifully, and i doubt they have more than 5 hours of usage total.
Paired up with a Denon 3803, I started by playing Phil Collins "Hits" CD through my DVD-A player, using a Monster 1000 series THX digital interconnect, and basig monster speaker cable with banana plugs fixed to the ends. It simply sang. Unbelieveable sound, incredible imaging, absolutly ZERO noise, this preformed FAR beyond what i had imagined.

If anybody wants to make an EXTREMLY GOOD BUDGET SYSTEM then assemble the following.

Denon AVR-3803 1,200
Monster THX Digital IC. 40
Monster 16 GA seaker cable 50
Monster Quick Connect Bananas 2pr 40
Monster HTS 2600 Power supply 350
Panasonic DVD-A7 300 (used, easily)
Definitive Tech Prosub 200 450
TOTAL 2,880 (i think, my math is terrible)

Now here is where the 'Gon'ers will jump on me.
My initial impression, with the Speaks and Reciever out of the box, and not broken in, is that this easily competes if not beats most of the sub $10,000.00 2channel setups i have heard at High end audio specialty shops. We got plenty of em here too. At least 4 that i have been to, and a couple i havent. Denver likes music. :)
Seriously guys, my jaw dropped.

I dont think it is any specific piece of hardware, i just think that these pieces complement eachother perfectly.
One of those seldom heard blends, i almsot feel like i won the Audio lottery.

I just hope that this perfect balance gets better as the speakers break in, instead of dissolving.

If anyone has a DENON 3803, Give these speakers a try!
Glad your Happy, Slappy. I have always thought KEF made good speakers, I have not listened to a Denon product in a while but do read very good things about them over at Audio Asylum forum with lots of happy owners.
If you want to elevate the performance of the Q 1's try some of the Totem's "beaks." Glad you're happy.
I will definatly do that!
What the heck are Totem Beaks?
Totem "Beaks" are beautifully matched aluminum anti-resonance devices which you put on top of your loudspeakers.
I owned the Q1's for a time and I noticed improved sound quality when I placed these on top. They retail for around $100 so I would try to demo a pair before purchasing to see if they are worth the cost to you. Bill ( BTW, if you'd like to give an audition I have a set.)
I've owned and loved my Denon 3801 for several years...mated with NHT Super Ones and SuperZeros in my home theater set-up. I could happily live with this combination for 2 channel as well if I had to (love the 5 channel stereo feature). Glad you're happy with the new sibling.

I have Q1's as well and I wanna elevate their performance too. The Totem are they placed since the Q1 has that hump on the top?
Brownie, the "beaks" fit perfectly next to the hump of the Q1's. I owned the Q 1's and I noticed a big improvement sound wise w/ the beaks in place. The degree to which these work is dependent on the speaker. These do work very well w/the Kef Q1. Hope this helps. Bill