Good Low Level Resolution Speakers under $2K used.

Dear Audiophiles:

I don't get to listen to my stereo sitting right at the sweet spot and turning the system to a reasonable loud level all the time. Though, I know that that is when the system sounds best. I spent a lot fo time on my computer which is located at the rear corner of the room and have the system on for background music, reasonable soft. I doesn't sounds good at all. Do you think it is the problem with my speakers? Are there any speakers (<$2K used) which are less sensitive to placement and have better resolution at low level? Any suggestion is welcome, below is my system setup

Sony XA7ES CD player.
Cardas Hexlink Golden 5 Interconnect
YBA Integre DT Integrated Amp
Cardas Quadlink 5C speaker cables
Thiel CS1.5 speakers

Thanks in advance for the suggestions
With your physical arrangement it will be tough to get great sound even though your equipment is quite good. Have you considered a laptop computer that would allow you to listen from the sweet spot?
Most dynamic speakers don't do low volume well but that has a lot to do with imaging not tonal qualities. What I think may be happening to you is that folks do not hear the lower frequencies at low volume level as well as the upper frequencies. Its referred to as the Fletcher Munson curve. Thats why receivers and integrated amps were made for years with tone controls, and contour controls, so that you could increase the volume of the upperbass/lower midrange without increasing the mid/upper mid/treble. What I would suggest is you try inserting a good equalizer into your pre-amps tape loop and use it only when listening at low levels. You can tailor the lower frequencies to your need.
I find Proacs responce line of speakers sound wonderful at low volumes and can play plenty loud without breaking up. I think with the quality of your equpment the would work well as the do demand good equipment. I own 1sc's and find the off axis responce to be better than most. I agree with newbee, most dynamic speakers I have heard do not play well at low volumes, proacs do. The 1sc will not give you deep bass, but do play low enough to have satisfactory full sound. With a good pair of stands they fall into your price range nicely. I have not heard the responce 1.5 but would asume they also would work well, and fit the price. The other speaker that I would strongly consider would be a pair of responce 2 or 2s now out of production but a great bargin used. They also need stands, but fit the price with. Do not be fooled by the size of the 1sc. I love them. They all favor tubes however, but worth a try at the price.

Have you considered high quality headphones like Senn 650 with good headphone amp? I use this when main system volume must be low, for home office etc.

You can get very high end sound for $1,500 budget.
Try the Rotel RC 1070 preamp with its nifty contour control. It makes low level listening a joy.
I have a pair of Proac Tablettes in my office system that sound excellent at lower volumes driven by a Pathos Classic v2. Wonderful combo
I listen to my Coincident Super Eclipse speakers driven by 300B SETs in an apartment. It sounds luscious, full and positively entrancing at the lowish levels I play it at. $2k won't get a pair of SEs used, but Partial Eclipse are a possibility.