Good looking Towers for < $2000?

Going to upgrade from my Paradigm Studio-20 V5s.  These are on stands. 
I've decided to go with towers this time.  I don't like stands that much.
Anyway, for living room 2ch music.  WAF and attractiveness are important for the living room.
Not looking for black rectangular boxes.
I tend to like moderate/soft levels.   Jazz, folk, classical, new age, some rock.

I am also looking for a bit more bass than the Studio 20s give me (54Hz low-freq).

Salk looks nice and gets great reviews (SongBirds, SongTowers).

How are PSB?   Any other good suggestions?


Well, I've decided to put off upgrading my speakers for now.
We plan to sell our house this year (I hope) and downsize so, my living room situation will change quite a bit.  I'll wait for that to settle out before upgrading speakers.   Instead, I want to rethink my amp situation.

Thanks all for inputs.
Replaced my power amp with a Nuprime IDA8 integrated.
Much more compact, includes a nice DAC, and sounds great!
100w/ch into 8ohms.
 I will be looking for speakers with good efficiency ....  >87dB
I was in the same predicament lately; looking for small, attractive floorstanders for the living room. A local Hi-Fi shop had a used pair of Totem Hawks for sale for only $1200. Excellent condition, nice cherry finish, and I love small size floorstanders, so I had to take them home. I was a little torn about getting them because I've had songtowers before and loved them, but they're too big for my current space but I've been thinking about songbirds for a while. However, at $1200 I couldn't pass up the Hawks and they do remind me a lot of the songtowers. They actually go a little deeper than the songtowers, but I did prefer the songtower tweeter and overall tonality of the salks, but its close and for the money I feel like I got a great set of speakers. I think if the songbirds sound close to songtowers, which they should, they will be excellent. But If you can find a used pair of Hawks I recommend them too.

Just an FYI, there are a couple of good deals on the bay for some songtowers if that sways you at all. Also check out the LSA 2.1, and I saw some good deals on the Rega RX5 tower on the speaker classifieds. That looks like a nice small tower. KEF R500 is nice sounding/looking as is the Tannoy line. Those can often be found at good deals used. You have quite a few good options, good luck.

Too many options.  The Songtowers are too big for my taste