Good looking and sounding amp?

I want to spend around $2000 for a stereo amp or $4000 for a 5ch amp. Anyone has suggestions for a good amp that is also easy on eyes? Thanks, Shenzhi
For a five channel amp go to and check out the amp and preamp by Musical fidelity. They are offered at a speacial price of $4K for the pair. Most people really like the looks. I don't personaly, but I do appreciate the design. They are available on a thirty day trial and if they are like the rest of the new line they should sound very good. If I ever did an HT system myself I would consider using the MF gear with the Gallo Micros, but with a better subwoofer (than the Gallo). I assume that they have crossovers in the preamp for this, but am not certain.
PS: The stereo amp would depend on the rest of your gear, your listening room (size) and your musical taste.
McIntosh or Electrocompaniet or Anthem in Silver.
Check out the Odyssey Stratos (! This is a 150W/ch amp that is available in a range of colors, but most importantly...sounds very musical. In fact it sounds better than most amps I've heard or had. It sounded markedly better than my Audio Research amps. Best of's a true audio bargain (starts around $995 for stereo). Give Klaus Bunge a call (317) can't go wrong with this product!
First lets go down what a rough concensus, but in my ordered, would be of good sounding amps that can drive almost any load: ARC Ref 600 or 300, Krell's biggest, Boulder's best, VTL's 1250 and 750 sigatures now it gets dicey with Atmashpere's MA2MK11, Wavestream and maybe the Walcott's. Second, a larger group of smaller amps that do require some speaker matching: Nagra VPA, VAC 30/30, SF3, Pathos Twin Towers, Pathos Monos, Roland, Boulder, ML, ARC, Krell, Air Tight, Wavelenght,WAVAC-HE 833, and the Marantz T1. Note that budget wasn't a consideration. The ones I would love to have for their sound and their looks would be: Marantz T1, WAVAC HE833 and for SS the big Boulders. Those are my opinions and dreams. Oh, if I just had to live with one aroung $5K then I would get the Pathos Twin Towers and have Scott Franklin modified it because I heard these and they sound great. Have fun!
Try PS Audio New Power Frames. They might be just what you are looking for and PS Audio has made good sounding amps in the past. Sorry for the previous post. I just read the header and started dreaming and writing.
Shenzhi, If you like the Classe's products, just wait for a few months because Classe will release 5 channels amp (5x180). Retail will be $4000. It looks beautiful and very heavy. I don't know how it sounds, but I guess it sounds like other Classe's amps.
proceed has some amps in that price range also.
Jeff Rowland equipment is very good looking. Smaller, well finished. Also, the EAR stuff is beautiful, if not a little high fashion.
I have Proceed HPA2 @HPA3 for my HT and music. I really love them. You can check on may be you can get a very good deal on it. Two weeks ago I bought the HPA2 just for $1450 retail price is $3250. You can not find this price from anywhere....
Maybe not in this price range but the Wavestream V8 has a look that I find very appealing. Get a friend to help you move it...
Look for a used Sim Audio W3. It should be below your price. Great sounding and great looking
I agree with sheadlee. The stratos amps are unique in that they give you a lazer engraved back lit "odyssey" logo that really makes the amp look great. I have just purchased this amp and I am on my second week of breaking it in. The stratos is basically a German symphonic line amp that is made in the U.S. You cant go wrong with this amp. The sound quality and build quality are phenomenal! It looks like a $4,000 dollar amp and in most cases sounds like a $5000.00 dollar unit. Caution! If you call Klaus and ask to try it out, you will not send it back. Guaranteed! P.S also comes with a 20 year warranty if your looking for piece of mind.
Go with the Electrocompaniet ECI-3. Winner of the swimsuit competition all the way. Identical to their 2K line stage, but with a balanced 70 wt amp incld. I just got one and love it. If you don't need the power of 150 watt/ch this will get you almost as close to the high end as say the Plinius 8150 for 1k less.
Check out MARSH amps a great overall value.
Audio Refinement for the 5 Channel. It is also under 4K. The Electrocompaniet is a good choice. Brystons are always in the running...