Good looking and nice glass speaker stands

Anyone come across good, quality glass speaker stands?

Glass stands? Too much reflection, yikes!
Quaidraspire QX might interest you. Although made from acrylic not glass.
Glass suppose to be not only good looking, but good shaking too.
Acrylic is much better material in alternative.
You could try it but don't play any Ella Fitzgerald recordings. Remember the old Memorex commercials from the 70's?
YIKES is right! You really need to think about this.
It doesn't seem like a good idea at all; glass resonates like mad & the sound would be anything but neutral.
Why a component rack shelf would be made of glass (some are) is completely beyond my comprehension as well.
I remember back to an old wooden rack I once had (this was heavy furniture, not an audiophile quality design) which had hinged glass front doors. Actually it was a pretty decent rack though.
I had to remove the glass doors & hinges in order to squeeze in a new wider component. After a few days listening & testing I was satisfied, & decided to reinstall the glass doors. Fired the rig up again & it sounded really bad. I thought I broke something, but everything seemed to be working; just sounded awful. I couldn't believe it was the doors, but I hadn't changed anything else so I removed them again & all was well. Yesiree Bob, glass is the problem, doors open or closed was even worse. Just tap your knuckles on anything glass & listen to it ring (oscillate).
Acrylic seems like a much suggestion; it just thuds when you strike it.
Yikes, Yikes to any glass in your listening room. Try covering your windows with nice drapes and you will see a postive difference in your sound. Acrylic is another material that has no place in high end components. VPI just moved to aluminum on its platters, wonder why.
thanks guys! unfortunately, in my household, WAF factor > Sonic factor!