Good long cable for Arcam and Monitor Audio

Looking for good speaker cable match for MA speakers and Arcam receiver. Looking to bring out a little more air and sparkle in well damped room and long (by necessity) wire runs. Nothing's broken, just trying to extract as much as possible on budget.

Currently using AQ Flex 14/4 cable for front and center, and AQ Type 4 for surrounds. I used the cheaper Flex wire for the fronts and center because I had it laying around and it is a very musical wire, and used the better Type 4 wire for the rears because they are running through walls and ceilings and are essentially permanent installation. I am very familiar with both of these wires and like them a lot. Looking for your advice on what might be better in bulk.

Equipment is Arcam AVR400, MA Apex A40 for fronts and center, MA Apex A10 for surrounds and B&W PVD1 subwoofer. This is a match made someplace near Heaven for my medium size room, with excellent pacing, midrange and deep bass and soundstage width. Sources currently Panasonic BDP (surprisingly excellent for Blu-ray audio through HDMI, meh for two channel through HDMI or toslink), old Yamaha CDC 715 cd player (circa 1991, sounds surprisingly good in this set up), hard disk/jump drive directly into Arcam (crisp but a little sterile), Thorens TD150 mkII turntable with Grado Platinum Cartridge and Grado preamp (sounds very good).

For fronts and center I will need about 21ft/7m each x3, or 63ft/20m total. $1,000 general limit for 63ft of un-terminated wire. Currently thinking about AQ Type 4 or Type 8 or Kimber 4TC or 8TC(>$1,200!) for the front wall speakers. Concerned about CL rating for insurance purposes as short part of one run is in wall for about 4 ft. (others just along outside and through wall), which probably eliminates the Kimbers. My thinking is I could get away with the lighter gauge wire, i.e. Type 4/4TC because system is fortified with sub, fronts only go down to 50Hz (+-3db) and room favors mid to low frequencies anyway, although runs are slightly over 20ft. Your comments and any other wire suggestions appreciated. If this or similar issue has been addressed in previous post, please reference and direct me there.

Thanks much,

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