Good Listening Lately

Been listening lately to a spate of good music, some old, some new.

New is Beth Hart, "Bang Bang Boom Boom"; Beth Hart/Joe Bonamassa "Don't Explain".

Old is John Fahey, "Voice of the Turtle"; Sixto Rodreiguez, "Cold Fact" and "Coming from Reality".

Found after forty years of hoping, a pristine copy of Sons of Champlin, "Loosen Up Naturally", which is densly packed with tight horn charts, great vocals, screaming guitar that wants to tear the top of your head off, a real roller-coaster ride that can get your "Freak Flag" flyin' again like it probably hasn't for years. Never a dull moment!

Hearing all this great music in a way I never could before (except for live, of course!) has me immersed and enjoying music more than ever.

There is some good in the "Golden Years", after all!

Happy listening, regards,
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Dan, It is always nice to read of a member enjoying the music so much. That is why we are here. I will have look those two musicians up. Tho, I suspect that your Tannoys have a lot to do with it!!!!
I had a dissapointment when I pulled out one of my favorite Rush albums "Power Windows" with huge bump-warp preventing to play 3 songs per each side.
My brother gave me two boxes of his old vinyl. Every LP I've played so far is in pristine condition. Here's 3 artists that I'm having fun with: Night Hawks; Delbert McClinton; and Johnny's Dance Band. Great music, great R&B rock n' roll.
Sons of Champlain...brilliant...we used to say they were FAR better than Chicago (way ahead of their time I think) and ironically Bill Champlain winds up in Chicago (maybe his longest gig)...strange... Champlain's solo stuff from late 70s or early 80s is also amazing.

I've been listening to recent Frisell, Mehldau, and Jason Moran's "10."
+1 on Sons of Champlin! I'm a Big fan of Bill Champlin. Although I've never heard any of his work with Chicago (last record I owned of theirs was III!). I picked up the Sons latest in a used record store; 2008's Hip Li'l Dreams. Bill Champlin's last record; No Place Left To Fall, sometimes ventures into that sappy 'Chicago Hits' territory, but there's gold in there! His solo 'Live' record; Mayday, is a also a score for any fan of the Sons!