good laptop-computer just for the audio

i am looking for a windoze 10 box just for Audirvana+. I am currently running a Mac. I use the USB output into a Re-Clocker and SMSL-SU8... what sayeth ye? is there a good cheap laptop I can use just for me hifi?

PS my digital collection is growing slowly, but I mostly stream Tidal or Radio Paradise
I run Audirvana on my Lenovo Yoga C740-15MIL . I chose this laptop because of the 512gb SSD drive , i7 processor, 12gb ram and tablet mode (2/1), the machine runs cool and the fan rarely comes on.  Works  well streaming Qobuz on my network wireless. Following because it is a good question and I am also interested in what others use.  
I use an HP laptop. Core I7 processor, 16gb ram, 250gb ssd. I also have it optimized with Audiophile Optimizer and Fidelizer. It’s running Roon Server and HQPlayer. Outputs to my ultrarendu which feeds my DAC(Chord Qutest). Improvements can be made with Audiophile Optimizer and Fidelizer(even with ultrarendu as output). If I were to do it again I would get a Intel Nuc with I7, 16gb+ ram and SSD, powered with your linear power supply of choice. Of course with AO and Fidelizer optimizations.
i wonder about the chip... will a Ryzen 5 be good? How about the difference between a Lenovo Flex and Yoga models?

check this Flex 14
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I had a dedicated laptop with Intel i7 processor, 1gb SSD, 32gb ram.  It was/ is an Asus.  I was running Fidelitizer and the latest and greatest version of J Rivers software.  I got tired of the constant Windows 10 updates and the long, longer boot time.  
I no longer use the laptop, it’s been under my bed in a case for almost a year and now I use a second Sony HAP-Z1ES HDD Music Player and I couldn’t be happier.  It also sounds much better.  
If you mostly stream why not get a streamer? 
I don’t know of a good streamer with XLR outputs. I have looked at this possibility and it has to have Tidal capability. Any recommendations less than 1000 USD? Actually in that price range I am not sure if I should just stay with a laptop platform and I get to keep Audirvana+. I am not sure there is a sub 1000 USD streamer that will beat the laptop performance with Audirvana+
You have a pretty good dac so you don't need one this streamer doesn't  have a dac it's $900 for couple hundred more you can get one with a dac. They both have XLR out. 
ya know, i have kicked the idear round the block re: minidsp. I was primarily interested in the full rack SHD unit but two things put me off...No MQA and older AKM chips with no DSD implemetation. The drag is that I cannot try it first, I gotta buy it and live with it until I can unload it and that is somewhat difficult where I am. I wish they would update the unit.
At that price range it's about the only streamer I know. The new NAD C 658 does all that for $1700. If I was going to get a laptop I would stay with an Intel chip at least an i5. Dell or Lenovo are pretty good.
6 of one, 1/2 dozen of the other. I use a Mac Mini with Pure Vinyl and Music on it which are Mac only programs. Any PC laptop will do. Just get a lot of ROM and an i5 or better. 
I don’t know of a good streamer with XLR outputs. I have looked at this possibility and it has to have Tidal capability
Lumin U1 mini. XLR and Tidal. $2K. Done.


"I don’t know of a good streamer with XLR outputs. I have looked at this possibility and it has to have Tidal capability. Any recommendations less than 1000USD?"
"Lumin U1 mining, XLR and Tidal. $2K. Done."
Since when is $2K less than $1K?
can anybody comment who has used a laptop for Streaming and a dedicated Streamer, which do you prefer and why? How does the Sound Quality compare?
I have used both but it's years ago when I used the laptop to stream music files all I remember is I didn't  stay with it as it never sounded as good as playing CDs. When streaming services like Tidal came along I knew I didn't want the hassle of using a computer in my music room so I got a streamer  put my music on a hard drive connected to my router and never regretted it. In my opinion the sound from the streamer is a lot better in my system others may have different results. The streamer sounds as good as my CD player and I just use a Node2i but I am thinking of getting a NAD C658 to try dirac.