Good Job Audio Advisor

While revamping my audio rack I discovered that I needed a couple of additional hardware pieces. I had purchased the original rack hardware from Audio Advisor several years back and had since ordered some additional upgrade items from them for it. 
So I called them for the 2 small pieces I needed only to discover that they were only available in a complete kit. While discussing options the operator realized that I had purchased the rack kit from them and was a repeat customer.
He said, "let me see what I can do. I will check with the back room and see if they have any open packages or spares available. If so we will ship them out to you".
That was nice to hear but I did not have a lot of faith that they would come thru.
Boy was I wrong. Within a couple of days a small package with the two parts I needed arrived at my door. Inside was an invoice marked "No charge".
Thank You Audio Advisor. You have been around for a while and with customer service like this I can see why.
I will make more purchases from you in the future, knowing that I will be well treated.
Keep up the good work.
FWIW, I have always had good experience with Audio Advisor. The only caveat is that when you receive their "Clearance" catalogue, you need to call quickly or most items are gone. On the plus side, the salespeople are friendly and helpful, especially if you are a repeat customer.