Good Interim Integrated 75 WRMS min?

OK convinced I need to get a better integrated to run my new Ohm Walsh 2-100S3s for 6-12 months. Current old Mcintosh 5100 seems underpowered. I am looking to go into separates or a good $2-5K down the road but want an interim solution. Looking at things like Cambridge 640V2 $450 delivered to Hawaii or maybe something from NAD. Any other or used I can get into for $500 max? I figure I need at least 75 WRMS into 8 ohms with decent current. Listen to jazz, rock, folk, lots of female vocals, guitar and piano. Amp will later be put in bedroom with Spendor S3/5 minimonitors.
Acurus DIA-100.
Hard 2 beat nad in this range they behave like much more powerfull amps not going 2 win any beauty contests older musical fidelity a3 if u can stretch budget a tad
The Onkyo 9555 is an amazing amp and they're available refurbished within your budget