Good Interconnects for NAD?

I'm looking to upgrade my CD Player and going NAD to match up with my system plus for the money ($400) the NAD is hard to beat. With the new CD player I want to replace my old (run of the mill Monsters) with a good set of interconnects, I understand the Audioquest Diamondbacks are a good match for the NADs, any others in the same price and quality range I should look at.. Unfortunitly there isn't one real Hi end audio store in my area so this is going to have to be my only source.. thanks all..
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You would be better of to keep the the cables you have and spend the extra money on a better Cd player. Nad is ok but there are many better choices for a source.
I pretty much agree with Mapleleafs3. You can get nicer-sounding cables than the Monsters (I hope you have the Interlink 400 II or better) but you are even better off putting 200 bucks more into your CD player.

If you want to spend the cable money that way, look at the Music Hall CD25. I like it a lot better than the best NAD, and I've had both.

Cables are really tweaks, not main components. For the money, you'll get much more music if you find the best CD player you can afford first, then save for cables. When you have a bit more cash, get a power cord for the player, (say a $50 kit from Subaruguru, here on Audiogon) and perhaps a pair of Apogee Wyde Eye interconnects.

IMHO it doesn't make sense for you to spend much more than that for cables, at this point.
I agree with Mapleleafs3 and Tobias, your money is better spent on the CD player. Here's another suggestion:

The Onix is the same internally as the Music Hall, and less expensive. AV123 frequently has open box and B stock, but you need to call them - they don't always list them on the Web site.
i agree get a cd player
Interesing you should mention the Music Hall Amstrod, I inquired about a used Music Hall MMF CD-25 with Sound Odyssey mods but it was $200 higher then the NAD C542 plus it was the MMF CD-25 version not the 25.2 or 25.5. The newest MMF CD-25.5 I can get for $540.00 brand new, did they improve the 25.5 to the point where it is up there with a MMF CD-25 with mods?? Think I will post this question at the Digital Forum.. You got me thinking now guys and that will only lead to more money lol..
2nd, 3rd, 4th the above.
There are any number of good mid-fi CDp's out there.
I like the NAD but the Cambridge Audio is very good too.
The Cambridge players just got upgraded to V2 which puts the DAC from the flagship into the step down and gives the flagship dual DAC's.
They also have a killer server that is built around their flagship player.

Good luck!
Signal Cable Silver Resolution.
Signal Cable Silver Resolution, I have seen these online and wondered how they matched up against the Audioquest Diamondbacks.. Their price certainly make them inviting..
Signal Cable has a 30-Day (in home) Money Back Guarantee. John is a straight forward person and I have sent him "n" number of mails requesting info and comparison with other cables.
Today my system consists of Signal Cable interconnects/cables - except the speaker bi-wires, as I purchased them before knowing that Signal Cable exists. The Silver Resolutions replaced a more expensive interconnect.
Great to know Milpai.. I also already Bi-wired my Paridigm Studios (Monster).. thrilled to hear the Signals are that good..
Mapleleafs3,Tobias,Armstrod, Dwhitt and all of you guys a big THANK YOU for your advice!! The more I thought about it the more you guys made sense.. Spending $400 on a NAD then another at least $50-$100 for cables turned out to be equal to a used Music Hall CD-25 w/level 1+ mods which is just what I purchased yesterday.. I can always get better cables later but it was so much smarter to get the best source I could for the money.. I seem to always get such good advise here, you guys are the best.. thanks again Paul T
Pmt - the cable that you want to get the best from your NAD cd player is a vandenHul D102 III Hybrid. Of all the cables that we handle (60+ brands), our customers rave that the D102 brings out the best in NAD players at a reasonable price. I hope that this helps - Enjoy!
Paul, it's really great to hear that you're happy with your new source. The modded CD-25 should keep you listening for a while. Congratulations!
I find little diffrence between my Usher CD-100 and the Music Hall cd-25 in looks and sound but how fast does it load ? P.s. I have just started to break in Music Hall mmf 2.1 LE and alredy feel like throwing all my cd's in the trash. and that's with the stock tracker cartrage.
Roesetown, vinyl does have it's own sound alright, Still have my good ole Technics SL-Q2 Turntable & LPs in my system and love the sound vinyl gives us and believe it or not I still have a Shure M97 Cart. with a Shure N97HE ERA IV Stylus, years of breaking in on it too lol and in pristine shape.. One of the all time classic cart/stylus combos... hey don't throw those CDs in the trash, send them to me, I'll pay for the shipping LOL..