Good interconnect for Plinius andJoseph

Looking for a interconnect between a Rotel Cd player and Plinius 8200MkII amp using Joseph Audio Speakers,thinking about Nordost Blue Heaven and cables in that price range. Anyone using similar components and have any help?
Plinius amps tend to have a similar sound to that of copper cables, and so the combo can be too much of a particular sound. Obviously this is a broad generalisation, but my point is that IME Plinius amps work best with silver ICs. To get a real silver IC in the right price range might be a struggle so have a look at the VHAudio DIY silver cables.
I have a Plinius SA100-3 in my second system. It is a very polite, smooth amp. It does need a smooth silver cable. My reco is Pure Note Paragon (they have a 50% sale now). Nordost is a bit hard in the highs, IMO.
I'm using Acoustic Zen Satori between my Plinius 8200 and Soliloquy 6.2's and I'm quite happy with the result...