Good integrated for Magnepan 1.6qr

Greetings! Due to space considerations, I had to sell my BAT VK3i and will now be looking at integrated amps. I'd like to hear from the community regarding their preferences for a integrated amp to pair with my Magnepans. I'd really like to get a tube integrated and am leaning towards a Cary SLI-80. I know it's probably not the last word in power, but I'm not planning on listening to them at ear piercing volumes. My room is approximately 11x15'. Would a pair of Paul's zero autotransformers help? Any other suggestions? Space is my main concern, I have room for one piece, although height is not an issue, I have a footprint for only one unit. Thanks!
If you can put Musical Fiudelity Superchargers behind the Maggies, you can use a SET, and your Maggies will sing!
You are probably going to hear a lot "need solid state with lots of current to drive the Maggies". However I have heard a friends system using Mag 1.6qr and tubes with less power than the Cary and I thought it sounded darn good. Of course we are not talking blasting heavy metal at ear crushing volumes.
I've thought about that Drdennis. Maybe I'll start with the SLI by itself, then try it with the zeros and then the superchargers and see if I like the sound better.

Dpatterson, I agree, especially if I'm not trying to fill a large room with sound. I like the idea of Maggies with a warm, friendly sound.