Good Integrated for cheap Krell or Plinius?

i'm looking at the Krell kav300i or the Plinius 8200MK models.
any comments on which is better?
any other ideas for a good used class A integrated? I'm driving Von Schweirkert VR2's.

I owned a plinius 8150 and have heard the Krell 300i which I compared to a Sim I-5 I owned at the time. Just my opinion, but I was not at all impressed with the Krell. I loved my Sim, and the reason I sold the plinius was due to my wanting to do something with tubes. Good luck whatever you decide.
Better? Better is not the issue - Which do YOU like?
There is a YBA Integre for sale on the 'gon. Brand spanking new. I owned one for 7 years before I moved up to the Passion. 50 of the best, sweetest, most dynamic watts out there. Check it out. If you've got the $$ you can always go for the Passion. The Krell and Plinius will have trouble going one round with the Passion. The Integre? It'll be a fight. Probably wind up as a decision. Yours! peace, warren
unfortunately, I dont have the ability to demo much hardware as I live way out in the woods and the local dealers push crap for the most part. good speakers to demo, but nothing for good componants other than B&K, and all of the stuff they carry is multi-channel surround garbage.

thanks for the suggestions folks...appreciated.
I use an Aronov Audio LS960i tube integrated which is excellent, and appears for resale on Audiogon around $1600, sometimes less. An owner of the Krell you mentioned ended up wishing he owned the Aronov, after hearing mine powering my Duntech monitor speakers for about 30 seconds (and continued to feel that way after prolonged audition.) Moderate priced tube equipment often surprises owners of moderate priced transistor equipment. The Aronov has been reliable, and requires no periodic adjustments.
Since you used the word "cheap", I am assuming that you plan to buy used.

I know of no brand that is easier to sell than Krell. If you buy used, you will probably be able to sell it for the same as you paid, should you not like it. ... but I doubt that will happen.

I think the 8200 II is a great sounding amp - I have up tubes for it....