good integrated amps that don't include a phono section or a DAC

I don't need either because I have an outboard DAC and I'm not into vinyl.  any suggestions? price would be no more than a grand. thanks!
What is power requirements? Are you looking for new or used?
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I have owned the Vincent Audio 226 and currently own the Pathos Model one mkII. Both hybrids, having tube line stage and SS amp stage. Either can be bought new for under a grand.
I would like to have somewhere between 60-100 wpc 
if you don't mind a phono stage Plinius and Anthem have models at your price  if you can stretch budget Belles Soloist 1
new or used is fine with me. I would like to find a neutral or maybe a bit on the warm side of neutral. thanks for all the ideas so far.
Croft Integrated. Tube preamp so you can roll to your heart's content and MOSFETs in the amp for that good-old control of a solid state. 
great suggestions but most over my budget ($1000)
Look at the tube amps by Jolida et al. Many have input volume controls and selectors - sort of quasi preamps.
You will find the Ayre used in that ballpark...~$1500, I think.
Audio Refinement Complete.

anybody have any experiences with the Burson PI-160 or the Dayens Menuetto that our fellow Audiogoners have for sale?
Rega Brio-R

Has the Phono but i don't use.
I have the 2007 version and I absolutely love it.
I don't think you need to look for something that absolutely doesn't have a phono or DAC.  Sound quality should be your main concern.  Here are a few integrated amps that come to mind around the 1k price point new with wattage and some comments (in no p-articular order):

-Arcam A19 (50wpc, recently discontinued, smooth sound, has phono)
-Rega Brio - (50 wpc, new model recently, has phono, well reviewed)
-Musical Fidelity M2si (new, haven't seen a review, around 75 wpc)
-Yamaha A-S801 (100 wpc, good clear sound, phono and DAC)
-NAD C368 (80 wpc, Class D, DAC and Phono
-Creek Evo 50A (55 wpc - no DAC/Phono, good reviews)

Those are the ones that pop into my mind right now.  

If you don't mind used a Naim Nait5i sounds great (owned one and miss it). Rega Elex R used can be found for around 1k +/-. Wonderful amp. You have some nice recommendations above as well.
I have an Anthem 225 integrated and am very happy with it. Phono is built in - no DAC. Plenty of power and control over any speakers I own/ have tried.

Used should be within your budget.

Used Hegel H80 is under $1k.   Its internal dac can be bypassed I believe.
wow! I have a lot of homework to do.  thanks to all of you for your ideas and recommendations!
In my second post above I inserted 'new' instead of 'used'. New the Vincent originally retailed for $1500, The Pathos at about $2400. Sorry for the confusion. 

What speakers do you intend to drive with purchased integrated? What is size of listening room?
There is a Sim Audio Moon i-1 listed here for $650. Looks like that will fit the bill!
Primaluna. Classic versions, Prologue, Dialogue, roll tubes to fine tune sound. Plus  tubes sound great with digital (and of course any other sources). New or used. Simplicity, what is needed - nothing more. 
Cambridge Audio Azur 851a

120WPC, no DAC, no Phono.  Neutral, and slightly warm sound.

Under $1k used most of the time.
I think Rotel is a great band for the buck company but people say they can be pretty bright with the wrong speakers. I never thought so.

I the used market I can vouch for Primare, Creek (especially the CLASSIC 5350SE),and Belles Aria. I also loved a Prima Luna tube integated I heard in a showroom; but I didn't investigate the speakers it was driving as I was not there to shop that day.

I chose a used Primare I32 class D integrated myself. Very neutral, but frisky. There's one on ebay a bit over your budget, though. You could always make an offer.
I've had some amps from Arcam, Naim, Creek, Rega before.
You know the usual suspects, the British stalwarts.

Now, the Anthem 225 sits in my main rig.
That should speak volumes on its capabilities. :)