Good Integrated Amplifier for Aliante Zeta Speaker

Just need a few suggestions. Integrated must have a HT By-pass loop or processor in it. Curious if my current Krell 400xi would mate well. Speakers are to die for but hard to find on the used market and therefore audition is not possible with current setup.

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It's funny you've mentioned that Jaybo. I heard the Aliante's with a BlueNote Demi integrated and Ayon CD-1 player and I have to tell you, it's left an impression. Probably the best home setup I've ever heard. The Dynamics were incredible, the sound was warm and open but the resolution was to die for. I'm not sure what made the biggest impact, the speakers, CD player or integrated. I'm after that sound now after hearing that system. I have an open layed back sound but not nearly enough resolution since listening to the Aliante speakers.