good integrated amp for around $500

I'm looking to pair a receiver with a pair of Zu Omen Dirty Weekends and a ProJect Debut Carbon. I'm new to the whole audio game and I don't really know what I'm looking for. There's a chance that I've got a Marantz 2245 that I'll be able to use, but it's somewhere in my old man's attic and I need to a.) locate it, and b.) see if it works. If the Marantz isn't a go, I'm looking for another receiver that's not too expensive that'll do well with that setup. Trying to stay around $500. Could you guys give me some advice?
nad, cambridge
Thanks. The Marantz didn't work out, so now I'm looking into a NAD 326 with Focal 706vs, a ProJect phono box, and the ProJect Debut Carbon.

I really like the Jolida FX10, but I don't think it's going to be enough to power the Focals.
Your post is a little confusing as you reference both integrated and receiver which are two different things. If you want a receiver check out Outlaw Audio. Their unit has been well reviewed multiple times by Stereophile and other pubs. They have promotional pricing on it right now. For an integrated, Marantz, Yamaha, NAD and Cambridge Audio all offer good entry level units. These are all new with warranties. Check out Audio Adviser and MusicDirect online for deals. Exxx also has lots of deals on these brands. There are also some key online sellers that offer deals like ACCESSORIES FOR LESS, AUDIO LIQUIDATORS, etc.
Very confused are you (and me). You state you have Zu speakers and then you say you are looking at Focals. I thought you were looking for an integrated. If you are, keep the Zu and get a Fi integrated. The wait (of 1 year) is worth it. It will cost somewhere around a grand. Save up and you'll never be sorry. No charge for my services!
Try a vintage luxman R117 receiver (160 watts/ch) or the R115 (70 watts/ch) if you can find one that has been checked out. The volume pots can go bad but if you get a good R117 ($275-380)or R115 ($150-200) it will run most anything even Magnepan 1.6 & 1.7 speakers and is stable to 2 ohms.
Integrated? Audio Refinement
Reciever? Luxman

Posting of a confusing post....hey, I live in Washington do the math. Good luck with your hunt.