Good insturmental sax jazz recommindations

I am just getting in to Jazz, and I love the type of it where there is NO vacals, and has a sax playing. What artist do this with their music? Any recommindations? Thanks alot!!!
Charlie Parker
Dexter Gordon
Sonny Rollins
James Carter
John Coltrane
Ornette Coleman
that'll keep you busy for a while. I could go on, but my fellow audiophools will do that, and some titles to match. I'm plum tuckered out...
Stan Getz and Cannonball Adderley would be a good start. Their styles are more melodious, more accessible.
John Coltrane, Ben Webster, Sonny Rollins, Cannonball Adderley, most recordings by Charles Mingus(although he's not a sax player), Roland Kirk.
Check out the "Fantasy 45rpm" offerings on or advertised regularly in Stereophile. There you'll find a few top suggestions from these(available in LP & CD formats) and other top jazz artists. A nice place to start...Cheers,
Check out Sonny Rollins "Saxophone Colossus." Fabulous LP start to finish.
Art Pepper and Wayne Shorter should be on your list.
Branford Marsalis Quartet - Check out the album "Eternal" - I just grabbed it last weekend from Barnes & Noble (you can listen to it first there to determine if you like it)... it is actually playing now as I read your thread...

many other greats mentioned above as well for you.
Kenny Garrett.
Sbank, though not primarily a sax player, it is really great to see someone into Kirk! The new breed of sax players are really a disappointment, but I would foreward Mark Turner for your consideration. On his own albums, as a leader, he has much to ad to the familiar forms. For a great sample of Turners work try Kurt Rosenwinkel's "The Next Step", Verve 314549162-2, the music is both supremely familiar and startlingly fresh. Turner shreads.
All mentioned are great. But, Charlie Parker is the MONSTER...
I can't say that I've heard a lot from every artist previously mentioned. However, I can say that everything I've heard by Yusef Lateef is excellent in my book.

Mr. Kidknow
Sanctusorium, are you overwhelmed yet? ;-)
If you like laid back Jazz, try Houston Persons. If you like jazz with a tad of influence from the big band sound, try Scott Hamilton, if you like cool jazz try Paul Desmond, and then there is always Ben Webster and Jerry Mulligan.
Newbee, have you heard "Gerry Mulligan Meets Scott Hamilton: Soft Lights and Sweet Music" on Concord? It's a nice recording that shows off the talents of both of these great artists.
Ben Webster does, indeed, get a sweet sound out of a sax like no one else. Makes that sax cry like a baby....
Yes, indeed. And I agree. Concord Jazz has an outstanding catalog, IMHO. Also, really worth hearing is "Jerry Mulligan meets Ben Webster". Enjoy........
I'm surprised no one has mentioned Johnny Hodges, Stanley Turentine and Gene Ammons. Although not as popular as some of the above mentioned artists, they are excellent performers.
Someone mentioned Branford Marsalis, I agree and my favourite from him however is the album TRIO JEEPY. Great album to have in anyones collection.
Joe Farrell. Big in the 60's and 70's. Recorded a bunch of times w/ Chick Corea.
Yes, Roland Kirk is amazing, on just about every type of horn. IMHO,The Inflated Tear is the album that most needs a good remaster on 200g vinyl or even better 45rpm. Sublime music, and noisy pressings. Cheers,
Try any of the Jazz Giants series on Fantasy (e.g., Jazz Giants Play Hoagy Carmichael, JG Play Harold Arlen, etc.). Any of these will give you familiar artists (Coltrane, Davis, etc.) playing tunes you'll recognize. Great way to find out who you'd like to buy more of.
John Kemmer - Touch

Quite different as he uses an echoplex with the sax

Another unusual sax player is Hamiet Bluiett, I have a Mapleshade recording of him and Larry Willis - If Trees Could Talk that pushes the envelope for sax playing.