Good inexpensive temporary speakers

Until we move out of our condo in about a year, I'm looking for a good temporary (probably monitor) set of speakers. Once we purchase the house we'll be moving to, I'll be able to make a better decision about final speakers.

Since they're temporary (and will be up on audiogon in 12 months) I'm looking for something inexpensive but good enough to listen to for a year. I'm thinking Nola Boxers (never heard), Maggie MMG's (heard and not crazy about but good for the price), or other in the $1500 and under range.

In my new campaign for simplicity the electronics will be the Wadia Intuition 01. It includes preamp, 200 watt (8 ohm) amp and Wadia DAC in once unit. It's a bit on the warm forgiving side but great sounding overall.

My preference is always for highly musical, timbre-ly correct and non-fatiguing. Any ideas?
I have sent you a PM. The speakers I shared with you are perfect for warmer sounding amps as that's why my dad used with them. The Proac Studio's have been in production for over 20 years without many changes as there were designed properly to begin with. Very revealing, detailed without fatigue and they disappear. I have heard the Boxers a bunch of times, including recently at a store on my travels. They are very nice. They soundstage well, but not better than the Proacs. The Proacs will give you a little bigger presentation I think. Tonally, both are very good and better than most of the under 2k monitors. The Proacs are about half the cost used though, lol. The one area that the Proacs seem to me to be better is in the mid bass on down. They are a very coherent speaker with tight punching bass with good pace. They go pretty low for a monitor and the bass is tight. I thought the NOLA's bass wasn't quite there. When it was, it wasn't articulate. I heard the Sheffield test record on it and it just left me wanting. Over the years, the Proacs were fine. They weren't what my Supertowers gave me, but the pace was there and it was musical. Just my ears and I'm sure others will say differently, but whomever does, I hope they have spent time with both speakers to properly judge. If you are selling in a year, I'd definately buy used so as not to lose too much or anything. Just my thoughts. GReat luck and let me know.
Look into any active studio monitors . the best unknown to the Hifi crowd but a no brainer for the people that make and record the music we listen to .
I think the ProAcs mentioned above have a lot to offer. Plus, you will have no problem selling them for a good price when you are done. They hold their value very, very well and for a reason.
Proac studio monitors can run you $1400. If you are just looking for temporary speakers why not buy a used pair? You can get a pair of celestion SL6si for around $400-500 if you want small monitors or magnepan 1,6QRs if you have the room (need 4-5 ft clear space behind speakers) & want floor standing dipoles. If you have the room, my budget choice would be the magnepans run with a luxman R117 receiver.
I don't think you'd regret getting the Nola Boxers. I'm very impressed with mine and think they're a great value. They're easily as good or better than several substantially more expensive speakers I've owned. Great service from the company, as well.
Vienna Bach Grand and Haydn Grand. If you're intrigued by Magnepan but don't want the MMG, the 1.6 is now well within your price range.
All good choices. I personally haven't heard what everyone else hears in the Maggies. I've heard them at different places, with all kinds of high end amps. They just seem to float the soundstage for me. The imaging isn't what you get in a dynamic speaker and the bass doesn't go low enough for me for the prices. I too have liked monitors and that's why I went with Proacs years ago. There are a bunch of great designs out there and since it's only a year, even if you make a mistake you'll be fine I"m sure. I have heard some strange monitors in this price range recently though. So many lack coherency which I find many floor standers lacking. The Maggies are great in that regards, but I don't like most peoples use of ribbon tweeters either and that includes some of the 20k plus speakers out there. Monitors are fun for a spell though they do make you realize that you are missing a lot of the music in those lower few octaves. That's why a bit of a midbass hump isn't a bad thing sometimes. It can trick you for a bit and still not smear transients. Keep us posted on your thoughts.
Get yourself a pair of used Reveal speakers.
I am selling a pair of Proac Super towers AND studio 1's in teak. I think he'd love the Studio 1's to be honest. I have matching Target stands for them too, but they need new spikes, lol. I have loved my Proacs over the years. Yes, they do hold their value much better than most of the other brand of speakers. Mine have new surrounds on them and they have 0 hours on them. It was done professionally through a Proac dealer, where they currently reside. PM was sent. Just let me know as I can get these out pretty quickly. Thanks.
There's a pair of Joseph Audio RM22si floorstanders available here for less than your price limit. Tough to beat IMHO. Best of luck in whatever you end up choosing.
I've read some reviews on the studio 1s that the bass could be a bit over-ripe. Of course we all know how much credibility reviews can have. I also know the Proac sound changes over time. I'd be most interested in Proacs from the Dennis Had era.

I was also considering the Joseph Audio but they seem to be a love em or hate em brand which makes it scary to buy without an audition. Tho those that love em seem to be looking for the same kind of sound I do.

Has anyone heard the PSB monitors? I hear they're very non fatiguing and somewhat lush sounding..
You need a lot of power for Maggies, the only reason you didn't like them, I'm sure.

For temp speakers I would suggest Klipsch Heresy III's, which don't need a ton of power, and sound great. Or one of the last generation Definitive Tech towers, the 7004's maybe, with built in subwoofers. Both sets are reasonable, and you could turn around and sell them quickly when you are done with them.
Dennis Had eara with Carey? Yes these are from that era. The bass isn't over ripe at all. In fact it's very tuneful and tight. Iike most things it all depends on your amps. It's a top notch speaker and that's why it's held it's value. It was worth way more than it's selling price years ago. I've run these speakers with 20k amps and top front end equipment and they just got better and better. To me that tells more about a speaker's true sound. There is a reason that Richard at Proac won't let his speakers get reviewed. It could also have been the recording too. I"m finding out that many recordings, even on vinyl had bass that was 'tuned' that way because that's what so many people want to hear. If he wanted towers, I'd put my Proac Super towers up against the DT's. I had the Heresy's in 1974, but got rid of them as the horn sound wasn't for me after hearing some better options, but that's why we love HiFi, as we all like different sounds. He doesn't need to spend 1500 for temp speakers as he can get what he wants for much less. I'm not sure that he can get that much more though for the extra few hundred. JMHO
The amp I've been using is a Cary 200 watt solid state. I'll be moving to a Wadia integrated plus DAC that also 200 watts into 8 ohms. However since auditioning the MMGs I found that my Purist Audio speaker wire was also fried in my system meltdown. So this completely invalidated my perceptions and time with the Maggie's and the LS-50's.

Actually I was interested in Dennis Hads after Cary brief time at Proac. Do you have pics you could send of the Studio 1's? WAF is also a factor.
I second the ProAc Studio 1's, the early version. I had them for 5 years and always sounded great. But since they are temporary, if you really want to try something fun, Celestion C-7's or Mission 70's mk II. You can get the Celestions for about $150 and the Missions for under $100 and you'll be very surprised at how good sounding they are. Less is more sometimes :)
You are going to invest a good amount of money in your permanent setup. So why do you want to invest a ton of money for your temporary speakers? Have you tried listening to the Pioneer SP-BS22-LR? Their only flaw is their price. I know that they are not $1500...but still very good. And you can put that extra money for the "permanent" speakers. Just a thought.
I've used a pair of old KEF Q10s (bought new) for nearfield monitoring seemingly forever, and recently heard a pair of KEF LS50s and thought they were stunning. I even saw a used pair them. Do it now. I'll wait here with the motor running.
I've tried the KEF LS50s and wasn't thrilled with them but then again I found my speaker wires I was using were fried. But overall I'm not really looking for the revealing monitor kind of sound. I'd probably go with the Maggie MMG's if I had to chose between them.

I will be listening to them for a year so I want something I'm reasonably happy with. I'm still thinking Boxers just because they have a reputation for being musical and a bit on the warm side.
I think this is a great opportunity to have some fun trying different speakers. For
instance, there is a set of the amazing Totem Hawks on here for $1,500. They
are fantastic speakers, and the Rainmaker is a great stand mount for half the
price. I was smitten by them both.

Do some surfing on the speakers for sale here and I bet you can find something
great, that you may not have thought of. I even saw a pair of Magnepan 1.7s
around $1,500. Also check out Music Direct, as they have some great deals on
Focal speakers. Also, depending on which speaker you select, they have the
Wadia 151 Amp-DAC for $500. Not as much power, but it sounded great on my
Tannoy Definition DC8s.

Enjoy man!
If you can go with Maggie MMGs, why not MG 12s? Their external dimensions aren't that much more imposing while adding a significant amount of radiating area. They're still under budget, so maybe you could add a compact powered subwoofer to add some low end punch and bass extension below 45 Hz.

I have 1.7s plus a pair of very vast and compact sealed subs, and it's a golden combination. Fast powered subs are handy for condo living because you can dial in the amount of bass that will work for the circumstances.

Magnepan detractors are always complaining about power requirements, in-room size, imaging in some cases, and rolled off bass. Most of these things are pretty easy to fix with more amplifier power (or quality), thoughtful room placement, and small, fast subs or Mag's own DWM panels. What Magnepan gets right, however, otherwise only comes from very expensive speakers such as WIlson, YG, Focal Utopia and Magico, and that is a total absence of boxy colorations. Furthermore, the x.7 series are more coherent and more dynamic without needing mega-sized amplifiers. I run my 1.7s in an open architecture living room with an amp making 100/200 watts into 8/4 ohms, Since Maggies are 4 ohms, I'm getting 200 wpc and that's plenty. When Absolute Sound reviewed the 1.s, they powered them with a Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum making around 90 wpc and it was a rave review, so I guess the amp power was fine.

Magnepan speakers exude a very natural presentation, where the sound floats out in space without any sense of coming from boxes, with a natural soundstage and dispersion pattern. Tonal balance is excellent and presentation is effortless with large, low-excursion diaphragms devoid of overshoot and ringing so typical of pistonic drivers (especially tweeters). This goes a long way in making the music sound more natural and less reproduced.
I had the impression the MG 12 was basically the MMG plus their bass module. A Mag dealer told me the MG 12 usually still needs a subwoofer, so it's a better deal to get the MMG with a REL sub and have more versatility and bass response. Not true?
I've never heard Magnepans sound as good in the store as they do when you get them home. I'd go with the MMGs and use their upgrade offer if you move within a year.

07-16-14: Larrybou
I had the impression the MG 12 was basically the MMG plus their bass module. A Mag dealer told me the MG 12 usually still needs a subwoofer, so it's a better deal to get the MMG with a REL sub and have more versatility and bass response. Not true?
The MMG plus the DWM bass module is called the Super MMG. The MG 12 is a different speaker altogether. It's bigger, with a larger radiating surface. The MG 12 is 17.5"w x 51"h x 1.5"d and has 329 sq. inches of radiating diaphragm. The MMG is 48"h x 14.5"w x 1.25"d, so its radiating diaphragm is probably around 220 sq. inches.

A REL is certainly not the only option for fleshing out the bass. Maggie's DWM panel offers some advantages, such as transient response as fast as the MMGs, reasonable price, versatile placement, etc. For a conventional sub, REL is certainly not the only kid on the block. My little Mirage MM8 subs are perfect for my 1.7s, but unfortunately most Mirage is now out of production. Still, there are other offerings from Velodyne, Paradigm, Def Tech, PSB, etc. that may make for an easier blend than the REL.

I say this because the other subs I mentioned have a more extended, flatter frequency response. The REL T-5, for example, contributes a sharp, resonance-driven spike, and relies on corner or wall placement to excite room modes to broaden the frequency curve. I like subs that don't rely so much on that because it makes it easier to blend the sub's timing iwth the panels. I have my little subs sitting right next to their panels, and don't have to fuss with the phase knobs. The integration is seamless.
Have you heard the updated B&W 685 ($700), or the NHT Classic 3 ($900) ?

Both work well in the confined space of a condo, and neither puts out excessive bass (high neighbor approval factor). The updated tweeter in the 685 makes a world of difference.

Owned the Classic 3 when I first moved into my condo. I eventually upgraded, but it was a nice starter speaker in my then new home.
Actually I'm using the Wadia DAC 200W Int amp intuition. I'm still thinking Nola Boxter w stands for around $1500 new. Use for a year and sell on Agon for a $300 loss. Basically renting speakers for $25 a month. Since the Wadia is on the warmer side it should be a decent match. Opinions?
The LSA-1 sold for $1300.00 a pair through dealers and now you can buy them Internet Direct in black ash, closed out deal at only $499.00/pr (I don't own them so there is no bias here).

However, if you want "keepers" go for a used pair of Totem Model 1. They are so good you may regret selling them later (like me, I wish I still have them).

Happy listening!
Heard Boston Acoustic A26 @ needle doctor demo...very impressive...I was astonished they are only $300...***** whatif UK review
Larry, I just noticed you want pics of the Studio 1's in teak. email me and I will send them to you. they are currently at Audio Connections as our my Proac Supertowers as John refoamed them for me. I'll get a pic to send your way.
i see some used totem model 1 signature and psb synchrony b listed here within your budget. i'd be very happy with either.
Allthough that Maggie trade up offer would be tempting...recently...heard the, spacious, and deep...plenty of bass for me..
Go real cheap($250-$350?) and pick up a used pair of Usher S-520's. If you want a better monitor a used Revel M20/22 are about as good as it gets for about $1k.
You could pick up a 2nd hand pair of Infinity Renaissance 90's for that money which sound awesome!
My preference is always for highly musical, timbre-ly correct and non-fatiguing. Any ideas?
In this case you want a Green Mountain Audio speaker. These speakers are 1st-order x-over & are time-coherent. Thus, they will always be highly musical, timbrely correct & non-fatiguing. EXACTLY what you are looking for.
You can buy their entry-level Rio factory-direct from their website:
A pair costs $2500 & you might also find one used here on Audiogon or Craigslist.
really very good speakers.....
(no affliation with the company. just a satisfied ex-owner. Using planar speakers now).
sorry, I see where I made a typo. here's the link again:
Buy a pair of Epos Epic 2 bookshelves at Music Direct for $399/pair and save yourself a bundle. A friend has these and I find them very non-fatiguing and musical.
I'd love to hear these speakers as I love first order phase my Vandy's
Jump on Radio Shack!!
Which Radio Shack? Personally, I've never heard a pair there that sounded good, but I haven't seen their speakers in years. I didnt' even realize they still sold them.
Check out the pioneer speakers at Walmart for around $79. Made by the dude that also makes the $37,000 pioneer speakers.
First I decide to get Nola Boxers and put an order in. But things were delayed at Nola - and having no speakers in the house at all at the moment, decided to cancel the order and get something immediately.

I ended up purchasing some Tyler Acoustics Linbrook SE's on Agon. For $1000 I'm expecting them to sound pretty decent since my electronics are good. I'm using the all in one DAC/PRE/AMP Wadia Intuition 01. Or I also have a Cary SLP98 preamp and Cary 200watt solid state amp.

I know the Nola Boxers were supposed to be something special, but the Linbrooks should at least get me through the year until we move into the larger home. By the way I actually heard the Linbrooks in the Tyler factory maybe 10 years ago. Ty opened it up just to accommodate me on a Sunday and ended up spending most of the day with me - amazing guy.

Still despite listening to just about everything in the shop, I couldn't bring myself to pull the trigger. But they did a lot of things right - especially in the speed, imaging, detail and non-fatiguing and sparkling upper registers. Mid-range too as I recall. For temps they should do nicely.

Any comments on the Boxers VS Linbrooks? Thanks for all your input!
[/quote] The LSA-1 sold for $1300.00 a pair through dealers and now you can buy them Internet Direct in black ash, closed out deal at only $499.00/pr (I don't own them so there is no bias here).[/quote]

I've owned both the LSA1 Signatures and Statements. Great solution for your needs.
Zeljoh, How long did you own the Signatures and the Statements? Did you experience any issues with the veneer separating from the cabinet? The reason I ask is because I've looked at the LSA speakers before, and in all three cases where I found them used, the cabinets had veneer issues. This ended up being the biggest reason why I did not purchase a pair.
I had both pairs for about a year each. The Signatures were Rosewood and were fine - no issues. My Statements were black ash so no opportunity there. With the new factory direct pricing these speakers have a very high performance to price ratio. The LSA1 Statements live up to their positive reviews. And nope, I have no affiliation with LSA.
Anyone hear the Tyler Acoustics Linbrook monitors? Hopefully they scale well with good electronics. I'm using the Wadia Intuition 01 200w integrated wDAC.
I actually had the Boxers as a temp speaker a few years ago andt hought they were the bargain of the century. The speakers are easy to drive and easy to place. Great voicing.
I'm impressed so far with the Tyler Linnbrooks. Big and deep for monitors but close your eyes and they sound like floor standers. Rich and deep yet precise and nuanced, timbre is spot on, good dynamics, imaging very good, coherence yes, top end very realistic and totally non fatiguing. Exactly the kind of sound I like. Mate them with good electronics and they don't leave you wanting.

Better than anything I heard when auditioning speakers under $5k. Even though I bought them as temps, I'd probably hold onto them if we were staying in the space were in.