Good, Inexpensive Sources for CD's

I would appreciate any tips on CD sources on the Web that have good, broad coverage of discs combined with decent prices.

Any good experiences to share?

jbrrp1 is probably the cheepest and has free shipping. has more inventory but costs a little more. has a wide variety and lots of progressive and fusion.
If you OK with used, I've found Amazon's used marketplace is a good source for CD's. Everything I've looked for has been available, including obscure titles. I find that DeepDiscountcd has good prices, but a limited selection.
Many of my CD's have come from BMG Music Club. You get 12 for the price of 1. Once shipping and handling is figured in, it works out to $3 a disc or so. Very cost effective way to build a CD collection. They don't have every title, but for $3 a disc, take what they have that you want (they have classical too!).

Some people claim the sound quality of their CD's is worse. I don't agree with this logic. I think they're copied from the same digits as the discs in stores.
I recommend as a source for new, used and import cds at exceptional prices. He has a newsletter that come out every week or so with updates. Many cds are from 2-8 dollars. Geff is a honest decent seller and I have been doing business with him for a couple of years and have been completely satsified.
Of course I forgot to mention Columbia House. They don't have a great selection but they are better than they used to be. They even have the Bob Dylan SACD discs. And once you meet your obligation, you don't have to send in those pesky monthly selection cards. And, you can reply on line now to the pesky reminders anyway. All of the stuff they sell is original too, not copies since they are owned by Sony and Warner Music. They also have a better selection than BMG.