Good inexpensive phono pre-amp for Technic 1200s?

I'm looking to move an extra turntable from my dj rig over to my home stereo for critical listening of classic rock, jazz, and the occasional dance record. Any recommendations on an inexpensive ($200 tops) phono pre for the 1200?
One possible choice is the Project Sumiko. Most Excellent. Sounded much better than the Rotel I was using prior.
Music Hall makes a nice little phono stage for about $120.
The NAD PP-2 is an upgraded version of their previous budget preamp.Looks pretty good for the money.
Sometimes you can find some very good phono stages for next to nothing if you look around. I was able to pick up a Klyne for well under what you want to spend. Something that is a little more common and offers at least a little bit of versatility would be the older Musical Fidelity X-LP series. It has switchable gain / loading characteristics for either a moving magnet or moving coil cartridge at the flip of a switch. These typically go for about $150 or so from what i remember and they are well shielded ( all metal construction ), so RFI shouldn't be a problem at this price point. Sean