Good inexpensive cartridge

I am new to vinyl and have inherited my dads old truntable but the cartidege is shot so i need a replacment. I do not want to spend a lot of money preferably less than $50, and would like some opinions. Thanks
If you go to you will find many new cartridges around your price by many good makers including Grado. What kind of Turntable do you have? You may also want to contact to see what cartridge fits your TT.
The two sources of cartridges that I recommend, which usually have the lowest prices and widest selection, are:
1. Garage-a-Records
2. Jerry Raskin's Needle Doctor.

Both Shure and Grado have good quality, moving magnet cartridges in your general price bracket.
as mentioned audio advisor. the grado red dot is made up from the best 10% of the blue dot line, and a great deal . kurt
Sailor, what are you using for a phono stage ? I'm assuming that it is built into your preamp or receiver. If so, you will probably need some type of "higher output" cartridge like a moving magnet type.

"For the record", most Shure's and lower priced Grado's tend to sound somewhat "warm" and rolled off on top, even to the point of being "dull" or "drab" sounding in some systems. If you have a somewhat bright system, this may be exactly what you're looking for. If you need a something that is a little "hotter" on top or more open sounding, you might try an Audio Technica. Some of the older and less expensive Ortofon MM cartridges seemed to strike a nice balance between the two of these extremes. Remember, this is all MY personal opinion and others might not agree. Such is audio and life in general : )

As to recommendations, i would go with the "Hoosiers" at Garage-A-Records LONG before i would the Needle Doctor. Much more personal and down to earth without the massive overhead or price mark-ups.

Something else that you might consider is to look for a good used cartridge and then buy a replacement stylus for it. A good source for these would be They have MANY "replacement needles" available at KILLER prices. As a case in point, whereas Jerry Raskin wanted $80 for one piece, Astatic wanted $20 for the IDENTICAL item. Even with the SLIGHTLY higher shipping costs from Canada, this one was a "no brainer". Most of their stock are OEM pieces with some being made overseas to identical or near identical specs. Either way, they offer a money back guarantee.

Please keep in mind that you will need some type of record cleaning system to get anywhere near the performance that vinyl is capable of. I hope this helps and good luck... Sean
without a doubt: the low cost Grado's or Rega's can't be beat.
I just replaced a Grado Red with a Audo technica 440ml. The Grado sells for around $75, the 440ml for $99. IMHO, the 440ml is amazingly better, much more quiet, much sharper. The Grado will not mitigate surface noise; with the 440ml, surface noise is almost non-existent now.

The 440ml usually sells for around $200 but has been on sale at lots of places for $99 for the past several months. I am so pleased with it, I am thinking about buying a second one to have as a backup. I have had 2 Grados, and IME, the Grado is a fine cartridge, but with the 440ml you get a cartridge that is easily worth $200 for half-price, and that does a number of things (reduction in surface noise, clarity of stereo image) significantly better than the ~$100 Grados.