Good inexpensive cables

Is that a contradiction in terms?

I used to test cables fairly often as part of the hobby, back in the late 1990's and to my chagrin I would typically find that the more expensive cables had the better sonic characteristics. (I did NOT take for granted that this would be the case, far from it.)

I've managed to wean myself off the maseratti cable, now I'm quite happily using Audience AU24 and some Quattrofil (relatively inexpensive used these days). I am VERY happy with the sound of these cables.

But of course you can buy 12 gauge speaker cable for a small fraction of the cost of even these. It's been a long time since I've tried inexpensive cables and now with a new system reorg I happen to need a longer run of speaker cable (probably 15 foot pair). What to do? Just get a longer run of AU24? Perhaps. That would sure work out fine ; - )

What's your experience? Have any of you high ender's found your self being satisfied with a Chevy priced cable instead of the BMW?

And what cable is it?


ps: Silverline Sonatina II, Cary SLI-80 alternating with solid state integrateds, Cary 303/100 cdp, Basis 2001 with EAR 834.

pps: If this was recently slogged out on a discussion on Audigon, and I missed it, please advise.
Canare's, including the 15' pairs now up for sale. DH Labs, LAT, Belden, CAT 5, CVH, Signal, etc. Lots to play with for the budget set. And not to disparage the AU24, apparent giant killers according to many owners. But diminishing returns kick in soon after. Great rig, btw.
Art: Try the Audience Maestro. It isn't as great as the Audience AU-24 but it's very good. My experience with Paul at was excellent - very careful with his reccomendations and he has a long history with lots of alternative brands. Earl
If I were in your position and I was "VERY happy" with my current cables, I know what I'd do. Stick with those cables unless the budget was in emergency condition. This even is it meant selling the shorter cable for funds to by a longer one. It can be a slippery slope finding cables in which you are "VERY happy" and you might well wind up with a box full of "cheaper" cables that wind up costing you more in total than sticking with what you have.
#1: truth in advertising disclaimer. I'm kinda an exotic wiring Luddite and have a serious preference for ABX results (it's kinda required professionally) so extreme wiring claims have to back it up with identifiable & measurable performance. That said, you've already identified wire that really performs for you (and your darned decent gear, BTW). Why go off on a quixotic chase after having already found your answer?

If for some reason you do decide that you just have to get something non-AU24 that's "good inexpensive cable", then maybe it's time to go off the deep end and just grab the darned Home Depot outdoor extension cable. At least The Absolute Sound would have to agree with your decision... ;~)
I just purchased some cables form SAS audio that I prefer to my Audience AU24's. The SAS cables were about 1/3 of the price
Signal Cable!!!
DH Labs also makes great cordage
Whatever you do, don't anyone mention Goertz. The thread will go on forever.

Oh, oh. I love cables made by ... the G-word. Used to rely on Silver sapphire heavily. Are they controversial?

take a look at the "sea of cables" thread.

Grover Silver Reference II.
For the lower line inexpensive like Bedrock and Coral work great for the money. Plus you can even get them at discounted prices on the discontinued Coral.

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If you ever look into expensive cables look at MIT.