Good & Inexpensive Amplifier Stand for ARC VT100

I'd like to get my 80-pound amp up off the floor! I'm looking for some advise on an amplifier stand that fits the footprint of the VT-100 mk 2 (about 18"x18"), provide reasonable dampening, is a solid and sturdy build. Doesn't have to look "artful" and shouldn't be too expensive (<100 used and <200 new). Any ideas? Anyone tackle this problem already?

Try Sound Anchor (Florida).
Salamander Synergy stands are pretty good at that price.
Make your own with painted cinderblock and a nice slab of maple. Or have a local cabinet maker make you a box and floating top and fill it with sand. I did and it works great.
Then put BDR cones with round things under the amp. Super quiet and rock solid. My total cost was $50 for the box, $4 for the paint and $75 for the BDR and $6 for the sand.
Target makes good inexpensive amplifier stands.
My vote goes to the Sanus Systems amp stand sold through Audio Advisor for about $89.00. This bad boy will hold 200+ lbs. easily and it looks nice too.
Yeah Timo, that Sanus stand is nice for the price. Audio Advisor was my answer on this one. I got the Standesign Base 2000 for $99, which is exactly the right shelf size, is made of one-piece welded steel, and can hold 150 lbs. Thanks everyone for your suggestions.
I agree with Timo on the Sanus amp stand from Audio Advisor-- comes with removeable spikes, looks nice, will hold about a ton and under $100. I used it with a 90 lb. SS amp.
Investment in a platform you will never replace would be the wisest choice. The Sistrum platforms will greatly improve the sound of any amp..solid state or tube. In fact the improvement will be so great it will be as if you had bought a new amp. I have many friends who will attest to this same experience..
I agree with Theaudiotweaks opinions of the Sistrum amp stands. May not fit your budget but you may not believe the improvement of your amplifier. Not just a slight improvement but more like a new SOTA amp. The ARCVT100 is already a fine amp. With the Sistrum amp stand your VT100 will be as good as this amp is capable of being. IMO, with the 30 day trial that Sistrum offers, this will become your most valued investment. IMO, audio gear never reaches it's full potential until you experiance what Sistrum or Neuance can do for your audio components. These products are as important as any of your audio gear. With a 30 day trial you got nothing to lose.