Good In-Wall Speakers?

I am looking to install speakers in the Living Room, Dining Room and Kitchen. I am looking for the best in-wall speaker which retails for less than $500/pair.

Most of the time the speakers will be used for background music, but I want a speaker that will still sound good if I decide to turn up the volume.

Size is not an issue. My main concern is sound quality.

Any suggestions?
I have never checked into this type of speaker, but if I did, I would check out the N.E.A.R. models by Bogen. I use the 50Me II standalone speaker discontinued by N.E.A.R. after being purchased by Bogen. I like these a lot and I would think that N.E.A.R. would carry over their design philosophies and proprietary drivers to their in-wall products. God bless.
Try Triad Design at I have a three piece set of their "in room" speakers and they are great and I know they have a large selection of affordable "in wall" speakers.
Call Scott at Audio Odyssey in Iowa Audiophile
that does in-wall/home-theater right.
Try NHT Super One Ci for inwall, 6.1ci for inceiling. As a custom installer, they are almost bullet proof and sound terrific.
CinemaSetup, LLC.
You may want to check out the Alon Wall, which I think retail for $550. If they sound anything like the other Alon's, they should be great.

Good luck.
B & W makes a very nice line of in wall speakers. Good Luck, Doug
Thanks everyone for the advice. Anyone heard the Paradigm in-walls? They are highly rated speakers, but I have not found a dealer who has them set-up for listening.

If Linn still makes their in wall speakers, they are well worth a listen (think they retailed for around $600/pair). I was looking for the Linn "panel" flat wall speaker a while back, but they had been discoed, listened to the in wall speaker instead and was very impressed with the sound. I did not want to hassle with the installation though.