Good impedance match for Atma-Sphere MP3?

Would some of you old hands please help a relative neophyte? I'm looking for an amplifier with XLR option in the $2-4K range (new or used) that will be a good match for the Atma-Sphere MP3. Sophia 1 speakers, Transparent Reference throughout. Thanks very much -- Bill
Hi Bill, the MP-3 will drive any power amp made. I wouldn't worry about the input impedance of the amp.
Have you thought about a matching atma amp?

The only tubes amps I have owned are atma's, (though I have had several solid state amps) and I attribute so much of the magic my system posseses to the atmas, but of course I have no other tube reference point.

I just read a post here the other day that mentioned that the systems he thought sounded best over the years were all OTL's (diiferent brands including Atma) which seems to validate what I am hearing.
Yes, Emaillists, I'd thought of the Atma-Sphere S-30 but was worried that it doesn't have sufficient oomph to handle the Sophia 1s. I suppose the best bet is to arrange an in-home demo (I find listening to equipment at audio stores too confusing). I love my MP3 and would love to find an OTL that would work well with the Wilsons. Thanks for your thoughts.
I would love to use the atma-sphere products...I wish the pre had a remote control though.
JT - I have a brouchure that came with my recent MA1's that lists the MP-1 pre is remote controllable. In talking with the factory, they are working on getting it done, (at least in the MP-1, not sure about MP-3) I believe an MP-1 will have to go back to he factory to get the remote motor option installed, but the mounting posts are already there, at least in MKIII units, I think I remember hearing. Did you see the recent soundstage review of the MP-1?
Bill, the S-30 won't drive Wilson Sophias well, but MA-1s, especially Mk IIIs, will do a wonderful job. A pair of M-60s could be used if budget is limited but you'd likely want to use a pair of ZERO autoformers with them. The MA-1s will do a better job all around.

Disclaimer: Atma-Sphere dealer.
how much is the remote option though?

Essentialaudio (Brian?), I really appreciate your insight -- the fact that you're a dealer only adds credibility to your advice -- presumably you've heard the various amp-speaker combinations and know what works. I'd initially confused (cost-wise) the MA1s and MA2s -- was pleasantly surprised at the cost:value equation of the MA1 MKIIIa. Thank you for recommending them. Until a year ago I'd had no experience with Atma-Sphere -- In addition to his works of genius, I find Ralph's accessibility and warranty policies just amazing. What a great company.