Good idea to move from Akito 1 to Akito 2 ??

Hello, had anyone experience with such an up-grade ??
Sonical improvement or only impressions ??
Worthe the money ??
Sorry, haven't tried what you are asking myself, but I would take an RB300 over an Akito 2. Tweak the RB300 with a Cardas wiring harness, an Expressimo Heavy Weight and a height adjuster and you have a tone arm which will take a good MC cartridge for the price of the Akito 2. Linn themselves say the Akito's bearings are not good enough for an MC cart.
NOT a good idea, IMHO. The switch would likely be unnoticeable. I'd recommend going with an Origin Live modified Rega RB-250, or if you're feeling daring and the funds are there, a Morch UP-4. Good luck.
First of all tks for the reply. My TT is a Pink Triangle. Any idea how to find an armboard to install other tonearm than the Akito ?? I contacted Pink Triangle and they have difficulties in supplying me armboard for other tonearm except SME (too expensive for me).
Tks for the suggestion, I am basic in TT culture and not willing to be in trouble in such a change !
Well, that's unusual, and pretty poor customer service by P.T.! You could do a couple of things here. You could get a blank armboard from the company and find someone to drill it appropriately for you. Or in a more extreme sense you could sell the table as is and get something else. What that something else might be of couse depends on your funds and aspirations. E-mail Origin Live ( in the U.K. - perhaps they can help with the armboard issue, as well as the arm.