Good idea to match Naim pre-amps with other amps?

I was recently offered a good deal on the Naim NAC 82 pre-amp. I like the musicality and "live music" feel of the Naim sound but unfortunately don't use any Naim amps. I am using a Classe power amp and wonder if it's a good idea to match a Naim pre-amp with the Classe?

I know conventional wisdom is never to break a Naim set up but has anyone on Audiogon used a Naim pre-amp with another brand power amp before? What has been your experience? Any advice?
acw, I have used a Naim 42.5/Hicap with a pair of Linn LK 240's and also a pair of Linn LK 100's Aktiv. I also matched these amps with an LK 1 preamp and a Wakonda. The performance of each combination was great. I eventually stayed with the Wakonda for two reasons; uniform interconnects and a remote. The Chord Co. can provide whatever interconnects needed to do this. The Naim literature states that using Naim amps with non-Naim preamps isn't advisable. My source for the comparisons was an LP 12/Ittok equipped with a high output MC cartridge ran through the MM phono sections.
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I use a Naim NAC 82 with various amps, both tube and solid state, single stereo amps and monoblocks. It's simply one of the most musical and versatile preamps made. Don't be afraid to use it with anything. Assuming you power your 82 with a Hicap Power Supply, you simply need an 4-pin Din to 2 RCA Chord interconnect that you plug into the "Passive - Amp 1" DIN socket on the back of the HIcap. Run the two RCAs to your amp, and voila! Great music! Remember though, the NAC 82 is normal phase - it does not invert phase like a Linn - so your speaker wires are hooked up normally, red-to-red, black-to-black.
Any specific questions about any Naim stuff, feel free to e-mail me.
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thanks guys for the reassurances