Good Horn Speakers Of Moderate Size

I currently have the Hornshoppe's Horn, a pair of subs, and a super tweeter. I like this system, but wanted to get a sense for what is available if I spend more. Examples of other speakers I have considered: Klipsch Heresy III or Palladium 17 and Avantgarde Solo. The larger Klipsch and Avantgarde models are just too big. Any other suggestions would be much appreciated.
Klipsch Forte or Forte II. If you have a large space, these are wonderful speakers.
Duevel Bella Luna Diamante- they are horn-loaded omnidirectional
you are all over the place in price you have a budget in mind???
Look at the vintage Klipsch, laSala, Cornwall.
Tannoy Kensingtons.
Aspara Acoustics. Sold by High Water Sound
Try AudioKinesis...I heard them at RMAF and they have a fantastic low end. The horns were subtle...not in your face. They are also a bargain, IMHO.
If the Klipsch Cornwall's aren't too big for you, they are a considerable improvement over the Heresy's or Forte's.
Thank you for your responses, and keep them coming. I had not heard of Aspara before. I don't have a particular budget in mind. If something is great, but expensive, I can save up for it, as I already have a decent system. My horns + supertweeter were in the $1,200 range, and I already have two TBI subs. So, I'm looking for an upgrade.
I own a pair of P17B monitors and they are amazing speakers. They need time to break in, but now that I have couple hundred hours on them they are sounding wonderful. Using Vincent int. hybrid amp, which seems a good match, and they certainly do not need that much power in my small room. Am a long time audiophile & have owned (briefly) several larger/older Klipsch designs over the years, but never found them refined. These P17B Palladiums are very revealing, but very very smooth too. Was just listening to a marginal recording from 1965 and could clearly hear the limitations and flaws on the record, yet I enjoyed the music. Personally feel a high quality and very quick sub is in order to balance the extended highs. Am using a small sub with sealed box. Always a problem to match a sub with quality monitors in a seamless way, but after a few months of tiny adj. cannot hear the sub, and when I switch it out nothing changes except the reach of the bass. If you are looking for compact horns please try to hear them, but be certain the pair has enough hours on them to be properly broken in.
Klipsch Forte/Forte II and Quartet's are really nice mid sized floorstanders. Tons of bass with great imaging. Great bang for the buck.

Interested in DIY? There are many, many options. Have a look at my horns for a sense of what can be done with some elbow grease, but you would be wise to set a budget. For example, my tweeters cost as much you have in your horns.
Look into Lowther Medallion 2 & 3. I have a modified Medallion 2 to fit the DX4 driver. They can be found on the Lowther America website.
If the Medallions are out of your budget try Brines Acoustic LT2000. They run about half the price of the Medallions, and are a TL design.
If you can DIY check out the Frugal Horn website. The Spawn series sound very good if made right.
Good Luck,

I beg to differ about the larger Klipsch being too large.
For Klipschorns, yes you need a relatively larger room, but as far as footprint goes you do not lose very much room space as they go in the corners.
Cost wise, what the H IIIs retails for, you can easily pick up a pretty nice pair of used KHorns.

Due to a recent downsize, I just sold my beloved KHorns and I am now using my Cornwalls for my main 2 channel music and they actually take up more floor space than the Klipschorns did.
Just saying, moving from Hornshopp to something like a Heresy or Forte might be a bit of a sideways move, for improvement in the Klipsch line... go to a Heritage model, and for the best results go to a KHorn!!!