Good/honest tech geek, too few and far....

Surprised in audiogon's 20+ yrs, the topic of ~~Tech geek UNAVALIABLE in my area~~~, Here in new orleans there is only 1 shop, and they have very poor reputation =  strike out.
The only other repair shop  in the wide southeast Louisiana/Mississippi is in baton rouge, and he is near retirement, open 4 days and takes months to make a  small mod. He makes more money uploading pics from CP's to a  cd disc, as in LSU sugar bowlm win he is booked solid for months. 
Newbies should take note and research what they are considering to purchase.
I have solid equipement and so have no  fears of breakdowns, 
If I  had to rely on tech for repairs,,I'd dump the  unit in the garnbage and just buy low cost chinese tube amps,,if they break, just toss in the garbage and buy another. 
Less headaches, , repair cost is very close to a new  intergrated amp. and you do not have to be w/o music for 3 months. 
I am sure others here have been through this same sh#t as i am going through.
When the BR tech guy closes shop, i will have to ship out via a  carrier = ship fees will be $$$$$$$$$$$$.
I havea  jadis Defy and if she ever goes ~~~pop/crackle~~~ I will most likely sell as parts and start all over witha  used Cayin intergrated,,cayin builds like Jadis, like german tanks. 
We should all  make cofessions on which labs make junk , which are pretty good, and which labs are 5 stars. 
This way newbies can avoid mistakes many of us have made over the years. 
The labs making 5 star, super high quality build should get due recognition,. and labs making problematic units should be exposed as ~~~junk~~~ Of course users treatment should be taken into concern.
Confession, I've done things ___unwittingly ~~~to my Jadis Defy which would have blown up any other quality labs units to pieces.
Also i senta  Cayin intergrated into HIGH LEVEL stress running SEAS Thor speakers,and the Cayin passed the test with flying colors.
New Orleans
So let me get this straight. Your solution to gear that can't be fixed is to buy cheap Chinese gear you know will break? 

Since the only thing in 30 years that broke real soon was made in China I have to agree with you on that. For some reason though my solution was to avoid the crap and stuff less likely to fall apart. What is it they say at this point? Your mileage may vary? I bet it does. 
@ Carpathian
The SEAS Thors have proven to voice muisc clear , dynamics, no distortion, channeling exactly whats fed through the curcuits,,I have plans to upgrade the xovers with all new M SGO caps. , Madisound , who built the xovers  at time of purchase in 2003(/2004?) will build the new xovers. 
How do the Thors compare with the SB Acoustics 2.5 way? 
Good Q. I plan to add that speaker in 2021..will be interesting shootout.
byw, just 10 minures after posting this topic,,,a  loacl tech guy who i found by sheer luck on craigslist (had tio goodgle all sorts of ways on cragslist to find him) and after some days , he calls me, agrees to take on a  cd mod (all tech guys hate cd mods),,,he just called me with updates,,had a  few issues, but FINALLY has installed 8 of the projected 20 M caps,,,the 2 main caps in the end of unit, did manage to squeeze in, these were the massive M Supremes OIl ,,,will pick up tomorrow and will post results.
snakeoil? vs *Real Deal Mod*
He also mentioned the 4 6922's, only 2 are for unbalanced , and 2 for balanced,,,but tahts odd, as i recall, the board says 
RIGHT channel, Left channel...anyway,,,all this time i thought it was a  4 tube out, as per the specs. 
If anyone knows about this configure let me know.
Here is a  pic of the mod from a  french geek with the M Supremes at output stage/rear.

also he uses the austrailian lab Burson for his opamps,,which are wayyy too big to fit,,,i employ the Colorado lab called Sparkoslab for my upgraded opamps.

Seems the schematic is 
2 tubes for each out,
symetrical (balanced) , asymetrical( unblanced) , well this saves me from employing  4 tubes when only a  pair for unblanced is needed. 
I see from the pic, the frenchman modded both balanced and unblanced outs with new M caps. 
My tech guy here was explaining how i could go with the superior balanced witha  tweek,,,but i decided against, and now the mods are complete and its a  ...done further mods will be employed.

Yes The Thors have proven clean, no distortion, , have far greater potential

 can unlock the Thors potential via
1) New Cayin SC6 preamp + install new M caps
2) add KT150s to the Defy
3) New M xovers. to Thors. 
all these mods will be completed by years end/early 2021
w/o a local tech geek, would be very dif to complete all these mods. 
Driving to baton Rouge, is not a  good option,,although i do enjoy the delicious indian buffet there on Segen Lane. 
will pick up Cayin CD17 mark 1 this afternoon. 
Richard Grey and other techs  are of the old school opinions, *if its not broken , don't fix it * = New Caps ?? why? = snakeoil. 
8 new M caps were installed, 8 not, due to space constraints. 
I may tackle that mod myself, once the ebay seller stocks the .022 cap. 
I will snip the cap at base , and solder new M cap on that tiny 1/4 inch lead. 
Its not a  rocket science mod. 
There was a  glitch in the operation, Tech geek says the flat wire from board to cd drive had a  tiny *misconnect*, which gave a  error on play,,,so he managed to make a  tiny splice in one of the 8 wired flat connects and now all is good.