Good/great preamp with ht pass through? Thoughts?

Hello thanks for your thoughts...

I have been in the market for a preamp that also has a pass though (gainless) switch for my hometheatre system. I have looked at the VTL preamps...Both the 2.5 and 5.5 have this feature. I am interested in almost anything, and a list if anyone has one would be nice. Trying to find some new reading material.

Thanks for your time.
Go to and check out the BC 21 preamp.
Do a search. Asked and answered already. My nomination: any of the Sonic Frontiers Line series.

I must be searching under the wrong perameters...I will keep trying.

The Aesthetix Calypso has pass throughs that can be assigned to any input. It is also one of the best sounding preamps available.
Sim Audio has a pass thru for solid state and Jolida for tubes.
mcintosh c2200
I'm using a Cary SLP-2002 that has this feature and I love it. I also considered the VTL 2.5 before purchasing the Cary though I was not able to audition either beforehand. Both looked like great units and to be honest I don't remember why I chose the Cary over the VTL but I've been happy with my Cary.
Kora Eclipse
VAC Standard LE and Renaissance
Krell KRC-3 and ARC LS 16.
Muse Model 3 Signature, also includes adjustable gain for each input, balanced and single ended ins and outs.
McIntosh C2200
If you are into tubes or would like a change of pace. Take a look at audio research. There reference line comes with a HT bypass. It may give your systema a nice warm sound if you are using solid state. I was amazed at the differnce it made on my SS system. I am know a tube preamp fan.
Pass Labs X2.5 may have gain in its HT bypass. Some of the BAT Preamps have a bypass too.