Good For Audio Only?

I'm thinking of buying a pair of Paradigm LCR-450 speakers. Does anyone have any experience with these? Though obviously designed for home theater, I have to assume they would make good satellites in an audio only 2.1 system. I've owned Studio 20's, 60's and Esprit bipolars and all were very good. I listen to rock and female vocal music mainly. The amp is a Hafler 9300;sub a Velodyne VA-1215;speaker cables old Audioquest F-(? can't remember the designation);digital playback is via Adcom GCD 700;current speakers are old Legacy Studio's. All of my equipment is old! But then, so am I. I'm stuck in the 90's I guess. To end, the ones I am looking at are the earliest version with black, not yellow, woofers and the tweeters appear to be the same as the original Reference Series'.