Good entry level cables

Hi allnewbie here and I am totally confused. Just when i see and decide on a cable, another thread pops up recommending a different one... and I don't have time to keep changing different brand cables around to see what matches or sounds best. I probably only have an mid level system? So I need a consensus (not gonna happen haha) of what I need minimum now and for what piece of equipment.I have what follows- My room is 20x16. Ceiling height is 10'. Equipement is in the rear of the room. So I need speaker cables from FOH to the rear. This is new construction so I can place cables in wall or in ceiling. Probably 30' run of speaker cable. I've looked at monoprice, BJC, and others recommended on here that are REALLY expensive. I'm already over budget lol. Solid core, insulated strands?Power cables?Interconnects?In order of importance. What is the minimum I need? Best for the money?
Equipment as follows:
Atlantic Technologies 8200 - 2 fronts with 2 subs, a center, 2 pair surrounds4 Revel in-ceiling C763L for dolby atmos
Lexicon RV9Sony VPL-vw695es
Audioquest Niagra 1200Lexicon DD8-A for in ceiling revels (not purchased yet for $999 new) Anything better in this price range

Blue Jeans Cable is good stuff at a good price. I used 10AWG on my Magnepan speakers, LC-1 for interconnects. The ICs have more bass than AQ Evergreen without being boomy, which Is welcome on my Maggies. I have no idea why, but it’s noticeable, especially between my PS Audio DirectStream DAC and my amp.
Try entry level Black Cat Cables 
sounds better than most expensive cables.
One more recommendation for the Audio Envy cables. I have compared them with Clear Day cables and they sound very good. The price is close to entry level,  but the performance is excellent.
Blue Jeans cable.  They are based in Seattle you can get a 6 foot pair of LC1 with RCA connectors for about $50.  They are low capacitance so they do not filter highs the way higher capacitance cables will.  They manufacture them when you order.  Very high quality.
Capacitance is only an issue with phono cables or extremely long interconnect runs. Almost all normal length interconnect cables have adequate specs and will not roll off the highs in the audio spectrum one iota due to capacitance. You are just quoting the sales pitch.The whole low capacitance thing is a con.