Good DVD Concert?

I bought the U2 Live in Boston DVD awhile ago (when it first came out) and am impressed everytime I watch it.

Does anyone know of any similar DVD productions of single concerts (not compilations of many concerts or music videos) which are of such excellent quality? I bought the Yes: Symphonic Live concert DVD and was dissappointed in the lack of energy that I immediately put it on Ebay after I watched it. It makes me not even want to listen to my YES CD's.

I want something similar to the U2 DVD, high energy and emotion with excellent sound and video shots as well. Of course the music is important too! I like rock music (or otherwise upbeat stuff).

Thanks in advance.
Fleetwood Mac
Bee Gees (and I am not a Bee Gees fan, but I own the DVD and love it)
James Taylor

Just to name a few.
Paul Van Dyk with title, Global (Bonus Dvd)

Included with the CD.

The track, Zurdo, from the movie of the same name, is an incredible 5.1. One of the very best recorded music DVD's I ever heard. Most of it is 5.1, the bonus tracks are Dolby digital. It really rocks! Very high fidelity.

It is interesting to note the CD and the included DVD are the same soundtrack, but mixed a little differently. You can compare your CD player with the DVD.
James has an excellent farewell concert DVD. Picture quality is ok , but the sound and songs are great. The only band I can compare them to is Coldplay, but more upbeat. Available as an import only, the Canadian version is Region One.
the Band, Last Waltz...the Who, Live at the Isle of Wight...Talking Heads, Stop Making Sense are all good
Steve Hackett- Tokyo Tapes (Live In Japan)
Roger Waters- In The Flesh
King Crimson- Deja Vroom
Echo And The Bunnymen- Live In Liverpool
The Cure- Triogy
Dead Can Dance
Neil Young's "Live Rust" was rcently released on DVD. That's a goodie. And I second the nomination of "The Last Waltz".
Joe Satriani - Live in San Francisco
Deep Purple - Live in Australia
Music for Montserrat - Phil Collins, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Buffett, Mark Knopfler, Sting, Elton John, and Paul McCartney and others at the Royal Albert Hall. Excellent sound and very good videography, not that quick-cut MTV crap.

John Fogerty, "Premonition" - Excellent sound, great visuals, and Kenny Aronoff beats the Hell outta those drums!
Underworld has a fantastic DVD called Everything-Everything.
Its techno, but not as generic as other types. Its got a singer and its more than just a dude with a computer.
Soundwise its fantastic
I don't remember the specific DVD titles (I'm at work), but a couple of other excellent concert DVDs are:

- The Coors

- Elton John - This is a fairly recent 2 day concert. Some earlier EJ stuff is not well recorded.

- Roy Orbison, in black and white with cameos by Bruce Springsteen, Elvis Costello, Bonnie Rait, etc.

- Sting with the song Desert Rose on it
Eagles, King Crimson, the new Led Zeppelin.
I second the new Led Zeppelin DVD. Also:
Bonnie Raitt - "Road Tested" (unbelievable band and performance from Bonnie Raitt, produced by Don Was)
Peter Gabriel - "Secret World Live" (phenominal back-up/duet vocals by Paula Cole)
Bruce Springsteen - "Live in New York City"
Eric Clapton - "24 Nights" (with performances far superior to his latest DVD "One More Car, One More Rider")
Metallica - "S&M" with the San Francisco Symphony

These are all outstanding and "must haves" IMHO.
Stop Making Sense-Talking Heads
Santana-Supernatural Live, Eric Clapton & friends Live, new Led Zeppelin (must have). From a historical point Neil Young Rust Never Sleeps, Rod Stewart & Faces with Keith Richards, The Band the Last Waltz, Rolling Stones Gimme Shelter Eagles Hell Freezes Over. The best of the bunch is Santana & definitely the "compilation" of led zep material, several hours of material there. Good listening!
Steely Dan's Two Against Nature, Neil Young's Friends and Family, Led Zepplin's How the West was Won, Diana Krall's Live in Paris and Eric Clapton's Live in Hyde Park. All have outstanding sound and excellent performances.
Queen - We will rock you - believe it or not but the sound and video are very very good - from a concert in Canada 1981
The Steely dan DVD BLOWS, too many interviews which break up the will be forced to skip tracks to get to the good stuff. Although the sound is good, the camera work will make you want to drag your fingers across a chalk board...nerve wracking..jumping all over the screen..performers not centered in frame and hidden by equipment.. to quote your phrase, " makes me not want to even listen to my Steely Dan c.d.s
Just finished watching "Standing in the shadows of Motown" great sound...Nine Inch Nails is another with great sound...anything else I would mention has been already.
Didn't expect this many responses so soon ;)

Good stuff.

Keep 'em coming.
Eric Clapton- Live in Hyde Park; Jimi Hendrix-Woodstock; Brian Setzer Orchestra- Live in Japan. All great performances, all great fun.
I liked the Train DVD , recorded live in Frisco. I also was very excited by the U2, check out the Rattle and Hum concert film released on DVD as well.
Brian Setzer Orchestra - Live in Japan (best version of Sleepwalk that I've ever heard).

Bela Fleck and the Flecktones - Live at the Quick

You are the first person I have ever seen with any type of negative coment about the 2against nature DVD. The whole thing sounds like a studio recording,just about the best I have have ever heard live. The outtakes are just for fun! Are you not a Dan fan?

Talking Heads - Stop Makin Sense
Concert for Montserrat
Jethro Tull "Living with the Past". If you like Jethro Tull you'll really like this. Ian Anderson and Martin Barre still kick ass and they have some great musicians with them and the sound quality is excellent.
U2 Live in Boston- Elevation Tour
If it's energy you want try Earth, Wind & Fire, live in Japan. My two personal favorites are "Bond Live" and "The Moody Blues Live", both recorded at the Albert Hall. Also "Acoustic Alchemy" and "Sade Live" are very good. Hope these fall within your musical tastes.
It is a great concert and sound track.
Queen "We will rock you" that is....Oops
This tuesday, Music Direct will be releasing Allison Krauss and the Union Station /Live, one of their best selling SACD`s ever, on a 2 DVD set recorded in all the popular formats. For anyone whose into toe-stompinÂ’ bluegrass, this is a must-have 3 1/2 hr DVD. I preordered mine on discount, hehe. Regards, Robin
I've got to second the the Underworld DVD. I'm not even a big techno fan, but it sounds fantastic. Also a great DVD to test out a new sub. If you like U2 as much as I do, there's the DVD of All that you can't leave behind which is just all of the videos for the cd. Not that exciting to watch, but it has a great sound.
Kylie Minogue - Live in Sydney 2001, especially the "Can't Get You Out Of My Head" track. I prefer this over her recent (Live in Manchester) (2002), although the later is more "polish" visually but sonic wise I prefer the former.
Nine Inch Nails "All That Could Have Been" - absolutely excellent if you like the music. Not quite the production quality of the U2 DVD (which is a personal favorite as well), but the sound is excellent and the sense of being there is very good.
Springsteen- Live in NY.
I have many dvd concerts - the one I enjoy most

the ultimate performer

Peter Gabriel Secret World Live - fabulous
I really enjoy Norah Jones Live at the House of Blues in New Orleans. If you want to rock, try AC/DC Stiff Upper Lip. The video is not so hot, and its not the cleanest sound I've heard, but it rocks from A to Z!
The Cure "Trilogy" featuring 1982 'Pornography',1989 'Disintegration' and 2000 'Bloodflowers'. 3 complete albums recorded live in Berlin 11/2003.
ooops! that of course was last year.
Fleetwood Mac - The Dance
James Taylor - Live at the Beacon Theatre
Eric Clapton - 24 Nights
Barbra Streisand - Timeless (Live in Concert)
Eagles - Hell Freezes Over
Diana Krall - Live in Paris
Lee Ritenour and Friends - Live at the Coconut Groove Vol 1 & 2
Music for Montserrat - Featuring Eric Clapton, Mark Knopfler, Sting, Elton John, Paul McCartney and others
Party at the Place (Queens Golden Jubilee) - Various artists including Eric Clapton, Phil Collins, Shirley Bassey, Cliff Richard, Brayan Adams, Rod Stewart, Tom Jones, Steve Winwood, Paul McCartney and many others
Eric Clapton and Friends in Concert -A benefit for the Crossroads Centre at Antigua featuring Bob Dylan, David Sanborn, Sheryl Crow and others.
Wait until the RUSH DVD (RUSH in Rio) comes out in Sept or October from their very succesful "Vapor Trails" Tour 2003 from their last show in Rio. I saw 5 shows on this last tour and wow this tour was absolutely incredible out the the last 10 tours I have seen. As an extra bonus they have reproduced it in 5.1 DTS. I know I can't wait!!
I loved " The Wall" Live in Berlin, what a show !
Led Zeppelin
Diana Krall "Live In Paris" (DTS)
Moody Blues "Live From the Royal Albert Hall" (DTS)
Sting "All This Time"
Eagles "Hell Freezes Over" (DTS)
Metallica "Cunning Stunts"
David Gilmour Live
Morcheeba, "Parts of the Process". Very well recorded and mastered in dd5.1 Surround. Not TECHNO at all. Very good musicianship on stage too. You will become a fan if you have a good player.

I was happily surprised to play this on my system.
I would love to see more contributions to this thread!

Here is one from me from recent times, will be back with more suggestions later.

Sting - Live in Berlin
Most of my favorites have been mentioned. Here are a few more.

Clapton unplugged
Clapton's Crossroads guitar festival. Filmed in Texas
Kiss unplugged
Pink Floyd "Pulse".

Part of this concert has them doing the complete DSOTM album from starting heartbeat to the finish.
Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds Live at Radio City on Blu-ray. Fantastic Dolby TrueHD transfer displaying great imaging with Tim's virtuoso acoustic guitar playing eminating from the left front and Dave's guitar from the right with his vocals centered primarily through the center. Very liquid video that makes you feel you are right there.

I'll put in two where I have found excellent to video and sound.
The first is Jeff Beck(live at Ronnie Scott's)Bluray.
If your system is up for it,the kick drum should sound like you are there+plus the rest of the kit.
I had used other well known subs for this audio track and it was just bad.
This dvd and if you crave the live sound,then this is superb to see or hear if your system can deliver the goods.
Getting carried away,
The second dvd for great camera and sound is The Eagles:
Farewell 1 Tour(Melbourne Australia).