good DVD/CDP combo ?

I'm currently running:
CAL CL15 CDP (about 5-700 used now)
Pioneer DVC-36 DVD, (about 150$ used now), was a new unit back in 01? maybe 02? has progressive scan and component video.

I'm wondering what I could get that could better them both in a single unit?

My associated video gear:
Infocus X1 projector
Denon receiver 1601 (old unit, but I'm not into HT much at all)

for audio I'm currently running
Plinius 8200 mkII (have a Rogue mag 66/88 on the side also)
Tyler ref Monitors (soon to be AP Virgo II's probably)
Transparent MusicLink Plus interconnects

Any recommendations?
My #1 concern is better audio resolution
I'm looking into this because I'd really like to reduce the # of boxes in the front of my room.
I recently bought a Muse model nine signature generaton three (WHEW) DVD/CD player and it easily bettered my Sony DVP9000ES in both picture and (especially) sound quality which is apsolutely terrific on both CD and DVD. I compared mine to a Electrocompaniet CDP 1UP and though I preferred the Electro it was not by much which is pretty amazing IMO. This is a super refined player that lists for $4000, was made in 2000 and I bought here on Agon for $1350. Read the threads you may end up with one.

I did not know a price range but hope this helps...

The Arcam DV-27 is a tremendous CD/DVD player. It's meant primarily as a DVD player, and in that regard it's one of the very best, but CD playback is also excellent, ranking higher than a lot of dedicated CD players in its price range.
Sorry! I should have posted my price range, which as Phil predicted is between 1000-1500$

I'll take a look at both of those players!
whew! I was afraid you'd have said that I need to stick with seperates!

In answer to your post on my thread I know you want the signature version as it is supposed to be much better than non sig. I know gen 4 will play CDR CD and mine (gen 3) will not.

That is the extent of my limited knowledge, I was lucky enough to find someone on Agon that was selling my Muse 3 blocks away so I auditioned it first and the rest is history.
The Camelot Roundtable is a good choice, especially at a used price if you're willing to go that route. I own one and the video quality is excellent. Given the player's primary focus actually seems to be audio (both upgrades that have been offered are solely audio based), it's sound is also top-notch. Nice enough that, after comparisons, I decided to settle on it as an all-in-one player. The player apparently uses some of the same DAC technology (Swiss Anagram) incorporated in the very expensive Audio Aero players. Be does NOT play CD-R's! The customer service is, however, excellent.

I've also been hearing good things about some of the upper end Denon players. There's a few folks that specialize in mods for these players as well that purport to raise them to 'world class' levels.

I advise you to check out the Denon dcd 2900 modified by underwood wally or underwood hifi available here on the Gon. I must say, the build quality of the Denon is exceptional and with the mods, you get a fantastic CDP in addtion of course to the DVD.