Good DIY suggestions?

I am considering a DIY project. Looking for another way to enjoy this pastime and begin something new building an amp, speakers etc. Would love suggestions of good sites for purchase of these products/kits. Although a handy guy its been years since I've built anything electronic.

Some searches I've done have yielded less than stellar results. Figure many of you fine folk whose opinions have proven valuable and learned would have some great thoughts.

Decware in Illinoise for low power amps and Hi-eff speakers. I built the integrated and it's a good product. in Canada for Elekit amps. I built the TU-879 integrated, he (Victor Kung) also has a 300b integrated and is taking pre orders on a 2A3 integrated. Good stuff.
Tube Audio Lab in California has pseudo kits - He (Min Yang) will make the case, gather the parts, and send you a package with everything including decent instructions. I made a 2A3 amp. Top shelf stuff.
Good suggestons Sebrof. You could look into Bottlehead stuff too. Also, I have a set of DIY audio 300b monoblock kits that I've never put together (called Billie, I think) that I'd be willing to sell for a good price. I may get around to building them someday.
Wilmslow Audio in England has some very good speaker kits, DIY versions of ATC and several others. Madisound over here has some good ones also.
Audio Sector
Check Audiocircle. They have a healthy DIY contingent there.
are some good diy speaker links.