Good DIY phono section for a Lenco?

I'm looking at a Lenco fix-up project, and I figured I might as well make the phono section as well. Any recommendations for moderately priced options?

I'm considering the Hagtech Cornet for now.
I have a Hagtech Cornet now and will be completing a Lenco B4 long. My Cornet's not going anywhere...really like it extremely well. The Cornet feeds a Cayin TA-30 integrated which powers Triangle Titus speaks.

Maybe I can post later on this to tell how it sounds, or you can e-mail me anytime.

BTW the Cornet was bought, not build ($550 I recall) and has "upgraded" parts though I'm not sure which. Right now it runs a NOS Valvo-labeled rectifier (probably a Mullard...looks cool with silver metal base), a Raytheon 5814A with an RCA "Command" as an alternative, and two Tung-Sol 12AX7s. I may try a pair of Tungsrams at the 12AX7 spots but all the same am very, very happy. (Obviously, add a few dollars for NOS tubes, though the Cornet came with the Valvo.) I also have an XLO Reference 2 Type 10 power cord feeding the Cornet, replacing a flimsier stock improvement to my ears, but not huge. Plan to build a wood case for the Cornet down the road.