good discussion on power cords

Is it Thanksgiving as this dude is a real jive turkey.
Turkey jerky. All I can say is I bought a mid-range power cord (around $500) for my integrated amp and the impact was immediate. Not subtle. The manufacturer cord had no distress. So I was comparing apples to apples. It wasn't even comparable. I'm sure this is not the experience of all and may be the experience of some.  Just like all other components, some work better with others and some do not. The variability in this hobby is vast. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it does not. I would not rely on the video to sway your decision. If you need an upgrade, then go for it. If not, then be happy! 
I just popped in a new 20 amp Square D slathered with silver grease. That made a bigger improvement in SQ than any power cable I've ever auditioned here, cryo ing all the way...
fuzztone, color me interested in your comment, given it's authentic and not a joke. 

I did look up silver grease, and it's a real product, so perhaps you are serious? 

I am having a 200 amp Square D panel being put in. What are you referring to, a 20A breaker treated with silver grease? Please give me explicit directions as to what you did. 

I will be having the grounding bars in the panel replaced with copper.